Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Egghead

I put Liam in the grass for the first time today... he just held on tight and studied it ever so closely! Ian saw this photo and said we should have painted his head to look like an Easter egg... funny thought, but too late, the kiddo is already down for the night.

We had a nice Easter dinner with the Powell's tonight. I made ham, scalloped potatoes, rolls and carrot cake. It was nice to have them over... I would have took photos, but Liam and Charlotte were both kinda grumpy, so next time... I still can't believe how big Liam is compared to Charlotte. She is true girl... long curly eye lashes and so petite! (She is Liam's betrothed and 2 months younger than him.)


Tori :) said...

Cute cute cute! Ya know -Charlotte might be moving. Liv is only a month younger than Charlotte. Just somethin' to think about... ;)

Robin said...

We had a great time! YOur kid is such a doll, I love that big cheesy grin and smooth bald head.