Thursday, April 20, 2006

ABC's of Gina's Parenting

Maybe "parenting" isn't the right word cuz Liam is still so small. Just a few things I think about on a daily basis, my feelings towards my son, and the aspirations I have for him...

A - assisting Liam in all ways is the coolest calling I could ever imagine.
B - baby boys are all I want now that I have a boy... never thought that could happen.
C - cuddling my baby is so sweet and I wish I could do it about 16 hours a day... yeah 16... more if sleep wasn't an issue.
D - dismissing advice from other moms is not something I do... give me all the tips you can... I gave up dairy for my child because someone told me to try it... no more screaming gassy baby!
E - I love it when his eyes light up if he sees me, his dad or something new... I hope his eyes are always so expressive and tender.
F - feeding Liam is a precious experience for both of us and I am glad I am the only one that can do it ;)
G - giving birth is not the hardest thing a mother has to do...
H - he is getting heavy, but I love to carry him around if I don't need 2 hands... holding my baby (any time I want) is a short phase and I don't want to take this time for granted.
I - Ian is the best support system I have when it comes to raising our baby... I highly recommend him ;)
J - just because I had a baby, doesn't mean I can't go out alone with my husband and get a sitter.
K - Kid-e-Col has been a major lifesaver at our house since Liam was born... buy this stuff and a crying baby will settle down immediately.
L - Love isn't a descriptive enough word when it comes to the feelings I have for my baby.
M - Men, now I have 2 to live with and that worries me just a little... I am gonna get picked on later.
N - nobody is as lucky as I am to have this boy in my home.
O - I can tell now that Liam will be an obediant boy... it will be so neat to see him work hard and love to please his parents.
P - I plan on teaching my son good principles... I want him to know truth and make good decisions as he grows... it's never too early, as I can already tell he is a smarty!
Q - I hope I can answer all the many questions this child will have for me... I hope the "why" stage of his life isn't annoying but received as a marvel that he is craving to learn.
R - I hope my son is a return missionary some day... and I hope he writes me every week when he is gone.
S - Sierra is Liam's cousin and I think my kid is cuter! (just checking to see if the sis is reading)
T - trouble is what I will be in when Ian sees how late I am up creating a post.
U - umbilical cord... was just right and my kid has the cutest button I have ever seen!
V - I think my son has a valiant purpose here... if anything, he has made his parents better people by just coming to earth... enough said.
W - wonderwoman is what I thought I would become after giving birth (because everyone else seemed to pull it off)... well not quite, but I do a lot more with my time now a days than I ever did before... how about bare-minimum-takes-the-whole-day woman? PLUS I function with abbreviated sleep... so that is pretty wondrous in itself!
X - I am glad I don't have an eX making my life more complicated (God bless you, Tori, and anyone else that deals with this)
Y - my boy is a half year this next week and I hope each half year mark is as rewarding as this one!
Z - I plan on taking Liam to the zoo this summer and every summer thereafter...


grandma -dixie said...

tender thoughts, it is good to appreciate the things we are blessed with now and again. I enjoy readind your blog,I also enjoy reading your friends "something to say". New moms are so fun to watch. Love you Mom2

Tori :) said...

Cute Gina!! Thanx for the shout out.:)

Katie said...

Isn't it amazing how sentimental we become when we have children?

Gina said...

yep, and it's a good thing because even the most unfit people can actually be good parents... just like Johnson and Johnson's slogan, "a baby changes everything"

Anonymous said...

hey gina--cute blog. hope you don't mind me checking it out. robin was telling me you guys all blog on the same site i do. you have a lot of really cute pictures. it is fun to see how big liam has gotten.

Preds Girl said...

This is darling! You should do one every 6 months to mark the occasion!