Saturday, April 08, 2006

Finger lickin' good

So Liam gave peas a chance, but they are definitely not his favorite. Eating is more of a game right now anyway... "Let's see how much food I can sneeze, spit or fling onto Mommy..."

It's very entertaining to watch him, but I am glad it's only once a day... I dread doing this multiple times a day... we both need rain ponchos!


Katie said...

That bib is too cute!

Tori :) said...

Spoon feeding my kids was my least favorite thing to do. It's so messy, inconvenient and time consuming!! You can't have him feed himself a jar of peas while you're running errands, ya know?Luckily Taj teethed early (4 months) so once he got the chewing thing down, he started feeding himself little finger foods.
Cute pics of Liam!!

grandma -dixie said...

Even covered with peas that is a very cute face,one that you would love to kiss,green peas and all!!!! that is a cute bib