Sunday, June 01, 2008

Wasatch State Park - Friday Night Camp Out

Towards the middle of the week, Ian asked if we should go camping on Friday night. I thought it was a great idea... and so did Liam (though he really had no idea). We needed to get the tent trailer aired out anyway, so we set it up Wednesday evening. Liam was loving the new play space! We cleaned it out and got it loaded up for Friday's excursion.

Friday after work, I picked Liam up and reminded him what we were doing that night. He got all excited and it was easier than normal to pull him away from Ammon and Braydon's house.

We got on the road at 6pm and headed to Midway. Our directions were wrong and we ended up climbing a very rocky mountain side for a few miles before we ran into a ranger that gave us correct directions to Wasatch State Park. Liam was starting to doze off by the time we were just a mile from our campsite... we had to keep him awake and remind him that Uncle Drew and Wyatt were right behind us and we'd play with them soon.

The campsite was really nice and very quiet. I got the fire going while Ian set up the tent trailer. We roasted hot dogs and polish sausages and later did marshmallows. Liam was actually hungry enough to eat most of a hot dog and seemed to have left plenty of room for quite a few marshmallows (he didn't want them roasted).

It was nice to have Drew and Wyatt with us. They are both very entertaining and fun to hang out with. At 10pm we said goodnight to them and they drove back home.

Liam was so excited to sleep in the camper! Ian got the furnace working (it was a really cold night). Liam went right into his crib and went right to sleep without his silkies. Too much excitement to remember his comfort items... amazing!

He coughed most of the night, but otherwise did great. In fact, we were all suffering with allergies that night, but I think we got enough rest.

Liam woke around 7am and immediately wanted to go outside even though it was FREEZING! He threw enough fits that we finally put his jacket on and his shoes and let him free. He picked up where he left off the night before picking up sticks and throwing anything else he could find into the fire pit. He was also back at trying to climb huge rocks. He was too busy to eat breakfast. He ate 2 bites of a boiled egg and a few bites of yogurt.

After working the self timer on my camera for a few family shots and getting some shots of Liam on the big rocks, we got around for the day. We took Liam to the fishing pond and he really got into it. Actually he was more excited over the prospect of using a fishing pole than he was about camping (prior to the trip).

It turns out he wasn't patient enough to catch any fish. He had Daddy help him cast and he'd just reel the line in.... over and over and over. A fish took a nibble, but when Daddy tried to reel it in there was too much slack in the line to hook it. Once we got the line in, we could see the fish had eaten most of the worm. So close...

After fishing, Liam tried out the playground (he went down the slide head first... brave guy) and then decided to play in the water a bit. We needed to go to Heber City to get our tire repaired and eat lunch. (Before we went to bed the night before, we saw our back tire had gone completely flat. Ian was great and put on the spare the next morning.) Liam wasn't too keen on us leaving the water and playground. The fits and crying started there and didn't end until we had a pizza and another playground in Heber 45 minutes later. F-U-N.

Liam was better about us leaving that playground. I think he was ready for a nap and knew it. We went back to our camp site and unzipped all the camper windows and all three of us slept for 2 and a half hours! It was wonderful!

We closed camp and checked out at 3:30pm. The trip home was smooth. The rest of the day Liam played pretty well and seemed to like being home. Despite the tantrums, it was a great trip. I think we are going to do it again this next Friday night.


RC said...

What a cutie! It looks like fun and it makes me wish we went camping...

Daisy said...

I'm not brave enough to try camping yet. Cameryn would be okay but Luke is a creature of habit and I don't know how he would do not sleeping in his room. That does sound like fun though (especially with a camper).

Robin said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! He and Charlotte would enjoy throwing stuff together!

Adamzes said...

You know how to do it right, with the tent trailer. Sounds so fun. I had to comment on the pic of him standing and fishing w/the water behind it. Such a classic picture and he looks so big, like he's done this all of his life!

Ashley said...

My husband's family are BIG campers. I just don't think I am brave enough to take three little ones out, just yet. It looks like a lot of fun!

Saedi Oldham said...

F-U-N is right!!!