Sunday, June 15, 2008

East Canyon State Park

We left yesterday afternoon for East Canyon State Park, Northwest of Park City. The drive was just gorgeous! It's such a beautiful time of year to be close to the mountains. Striking green foilage climbing the sides and snow capped peaks at the tops. We zig zagged up the foothills of the mountain side and wondered if we were the only ones seeking out this hidden mountain park! It is so isolated and quite the long drive to find.

Ends up everyone knew about this place but us. It was a hopping lakeside camp ground. We had neighbors surrounding our site. We had a much harder time falling asleep here than Wasatch State Park in Midway a couple weeks ago, to say the least.

When we got to camp, we set everything up and got dinner going. The firepit had a great grill attached to it and cooked our polish sausages just right! We filled our bellies, then I finally gave into Liam's request to go see the water. (From the moment we got there, he kept running off towards the lake. We had to redirect him a few times.)

We played in the sand for a while and scooped water out of the lake with buckets. Liam could have stayed all evening just scooping water into the holes we dug in the sand. Ian and Uncle Drew (and Wyatt) met us by the shore a little later and we all walked over to the marina. We didn't hang around there long... so we headed back to camp to get Liam in his pajamas. He became very whiney because he wanted to back to the water and play. Bedtime treats were placed in his belly and we turned in for the night. He was restless for the longest time. I wonder if he would have stayed up all night listening to the neighbors if we didn't have the furnace going for white noise.

Liam slept in until 9am. I was amazed because the neighbors were up at 7am starting their trucks and making other inconsistant noise. He seriously wore himself out the day before.

We had a wonderful french toast breakfast. Liam ate melon while he waited for us to get everything out for the meal prep. He was then kind enough to pour lots of cinnamon in the batter and stir it up for us. (Love those sleeping morning eyes.)

He took two bites of his toast and then ran off to play in some rocks and dirt. I had to coax him back to take one more bite then eat some yogurt, banana and drink some juice. He's been a good eater lately if we can get him to sit still for 3 minutes (which is not easy to do).

Liam was excited to get his swim clothes on and head back down towards the water. He wasn't interested in the sand this time. He went straight for the water. He splashed with his shoes for a minute, then asked me to take off his shoes so he could step into the water. He mainly splashed around and only got down the the second step. Later when Daddy and Drew came over to play, he got in all the way. He also threw a big stick in the water for Wyatt to catch. This was Wyatt's first swimming experience. He was so fun to watch. We all would stand clear when he'd jump out of the water and shake!

We headed back to camp with a shivering whiney little boy in tow. He was freezing but still wanted to go back in the water. We distracted him with dry clothes and pasta salad. We packed up camp and took another amazing drive home. Liam fell asleep after a roadside diaper change.

He kept himself busy with Monsters, Inc and his GeoTrax train set the rest of the day.

An outside bath ended his day. I filled up the stock pot with warm water a few times and we were set for outdoor bath time! He has a major addiction to water fun so another fit was thrown while drying him off and forcing his pajamas on him. I think we'll have all his summertime baths outside from now on. He had a fantastic time as you can see!

All photos here.


Katie said...

I can't believe how much Liam looks like you. He's adorable.

Robin said...

What a fantastic weekend together! Makes me excited for Lake Powell. I wish your little water baby could come play at our house!

RC said...

#1 - I'm totally stealing your idea for outdoor baths in the summer. We have a big tote, so I can totally make that happen.

#2 - I clicked over to your pictures, and I think Ian should wear Liam's shoes more often.


That park has beautiful views!

Klin said...

Where is this park? I want to go. It looks so beautiful.

Isn't it fun seeing the world through the eyes of a child? They bring such a freshness and help us view the world through a revitalized perspective.

Saedi Oldham said...

I love the outside bath idea. I am going to have to give that a try during the summer when they are too dirty to bring into the house! He is such an doll, and you guys really are the funnest family!

Anissa said...

Must be A LOT warmer there than it is here since you can do an outside bath! Our kids would freeze if we did that right now. Sounds like a wonderful weekend trip. And the pictures are way cute. :)

Suzanne said...

Outside summer baths!?! What a fun idea!

We almost went to East Canyon last week! We ended up going to Scofield instead because we thought it would be warmer, but then we froze at night anyway! I'm so glad you guys had a good time.

Alice Wills Gold said...

So fun. Lovin that outdoor you think they make a tupperware in my size?

One thing I HATE about campsites is being crowded by other me, their noise takes out all the fun of being out in nature..I know I am a party pooper.

Daisy said...

What a fun time!! You guys really know how to keep him entertained. What a cute outside bath too!!