Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Always Outdoors

Every evening when I get home from work, Liam wants to play outside. Every. Day.

It's hot outside and it's not my favorite thing. But I suck it up and let him have his fun and I pull weeds, sit on the porch or push him around on his tricycle. I guess it could be worse, there could be mosquitoes. Luckily those pests haven't joined the summer party.

Anyway, as we were finishing up dinner last night, our neighbor (Jackie) and her grandson (Xander) came knocking at our door. They invited us over for water balloon fun! It was a welcome treat... to have a gal to talk to while the boys play. The funny thing is, Jackie is such a kid herself, she is right there with the boys filling up water balloons, hiding their feet in the sandbox and making sandcastles! I don't know where she finds the energy! Liam is lucky enough to play with her in Nursery at church each week too. She really loves working in the Nursery too.

Here are some photos of the boys playing. They got along amazingly well. Both loved the cold water wars... they didn't mind the chilly streams one tiny bit. Such boys! And of course amid their shivers they insisted they were fine.

And tonight, Kara and Joslyn invited us over to play in their little alligator pool. Liam was his regular water baby self and Joslyn quickly got gun shy as Liam started splashing her. She basically watched and laughed as Liam would dive into the pool or jump around and splash. Later they played on the trike so nicely together. Liam even let her wear his hat... he totally loves her. And then when it was time to walk home, they gave such sweet hugs and the perfect little kiss. I love how she is a bit shorter than him and she has to reach up to smooch.


D said...

I love the way Liam dives into the pool! Wish we could be there to join you in your night time revels. I love that Liam has a girlfriend! :) Such cute kissers!

RC said...

I think you better set up Liam & Joslyn's betrothal immediately... ;-)

Little Dude is in love with the outdoors, too. And the mosquitoes have hit my neck of the woods.

Katie said...

It's wonderful that kids have so much energy - we just need the energy to match - which isn't easy.
That hug is adorable!!

Daisy said...

Holy crap how cute!! The hugs and kisses is so funny!! He already has a girlfriend.

Your lucky for no mosquitos. I don't mind taking the kids outside either (plus it's the only way to tire Luke out for a nap now) but the stupid mosquitos just flock to Luke and I. I hate those stupid bugs.

MileHighMommy said...

I hear ya' about hanging out outside so much! But, I'm grateful that my son enjoys it so much - it's really so much more healthy (both mental and physical) than ploppin' down to watch TV! My Liam has definitely curbed my couch potato tendencies - and I'm a better person for it! I am still in awe about how many things my kids teach me (instead of vice versa)!

Oh, and the sweetness between Liam and his girlfriend is so adorable! Just wait 'til they're in high school...(yikes!)

beth - total mom haircut said...

Oh my goodness look at that smoochie! That's some good looking water fun too. And yes, the mantra is: at least there aren't mosquitoes. Now repeat and be thankful:)

Klin said...

When I see Jackie with Xander I see a grandma that is having fun.

All three of my kids are water babies. Even now that they are grown up. If we stay at a hotel with a pool I'll never see them unless I join them.

Darling kisses and hugs:D

Anissa said...

That's quite the smooch! He might be able to technically call that his "first kiss" later in life. WOW!
Such a water boy. My kids are complete opposite... should be interesting to see them together in a month. :)

Stepherz said...

First kisses! How absolutely priceless! Darn cute!

Saedi Oldham said...

Ok, I'm crying I'm laughing so hard! How cute is that???