Sunday, June 22, 2008


After a long Saturday with Liam while Ian was at work, we all went to the rodeo that night.

We couldn't find seats so we went to the staging area so Liam could see all the horses come and go. He was so cute watching so intently and clapping for the cowboys.

We walked around for a bit and shared some strawberries and cream. One thing that was really funny was a group of steers Liam was watching. I had just taken a bite of my strawberries and Ian tells me to look at a steer with a cow pie on his back. Apparently that poor cow was napping and got pooped on. The figure eight shape of the pie on his back was too funny! I almost choked!


K said...

I was going to comment on how cute Liam is in his hat and how I hope you guys can come to the rodeo up here again, but then I got the picture of you and your boy. You are so stinkin' pretty!

Klin said...

Wahoo, that's some fun for you.

I agree with Katie. You are pretty.

Katie said...

So cute!! I love the cowboy hat.

Preds Girl said...

Awe. How fun!

And that cow pie story was hilarious!!

Daisy said...

He always has such cute hats on. I need to buy Luke and Cameryn some hats to protect them from the sun a little better. They probably won't keep them on though.

Terry said...

More fun times. Gina, you are so beautiful!