Saturday, October 28, 2006

So proud of my boy...

I am proud of Liam every day, but today I got a surge of pride!!! He climbed DOWN the stairs all by himself! All 12 of them! We have been teaching him since he was about 8-9 months old and has successfully gone down one or two here and there. But today he did all of them! Unassisted! Spotted, but unassisted. What a big boy!

We've had a busy day. Liam woke up a lot earlier than usual at 6am, so Ian took him while I slept longer. That was really nice. Then when Liam went down for his morning nap, both Ian and I slept too.

When Ian woke up he got working on cleaning out the garage so I can start parking in there. (I wish we could make enough room for both our cars, but there is too much crap in there right now to make that happen. Ian is the one that leaves early enough that much scraping has to be done in order for him to drive to work, but I am in a hurry each day getting out the door, so on the days it snows, I can't easily make time to scrape.) So about 10 minutes into Ian's project, Liam and I got bundled up to go out and help him. I started sweeping out the garage and it's a good thing we have two brooms because Liam picked up the other one and started "helping". Of course he likes anything that is long and skinny... fishing poles, brooms, golf clubs and the favorite, sticks! So Liam carried the broom around for a long time. We went inside after about a half hour.

Later on Liam and I took a shower. He was so cute! He loves the water and gives me the cutest smiles. We got ready to go shopping at Kohl's. I wanted to get myself some new shoes and possibly a sweater. I got neither. I found 2 outfits for Liam, a necklace and a rug. Liam was so well behaved in his stroller for like 40 minutes. I let him run loose for a couple minutes. MISTAKE! He is fast! So I scooped him up and put him back in his stroller. He was good the rest of the time and all the way home in the car. He just chattered away. At one point as I was driving I said, "Say daddy. Dad-dy!" And Liam says, "Mom mom!" I said, "That's okay too, buddy! Mom mom!" Awe, melted my heart!

I told him that since he was such a good boy at the store and in the car, that he could play in the rocks when we got home. I was kind of tired when I opened his door to get him out of the car seat. It crossed my mind to just take him inside instead of doing the dig-in-the-gravel thing. He wouldn't know, right? Well I didn't even test that out. I took him out of his seat, stood him down on the driveway... and he went straight to our RV parking gravel area. He was SO excited! He immediately sat down and started digging and picking out rocks he liked. I gave him the cup my water was in and showed him how to put the rocks in the cup. He looked up at me and grinned so cute! And from there on out every few moments he would find a "good one" or fill up his cup or dump the cup out and with pride would look up at me and give me the TOOTHIEST, HAPPIEST smile! I wanted a photo SO BAD! But I know I would sour the mood if I picked him up to go get the camera and I couldn't leave him alone, so I hope I can always remember that SWEET SWEET FACE!

We went inside and we started playing with his toys. He got his little push cart and brought it into the living room. He dumped all the shapes out of it. Sat it back up and proceeded to try very seriously to put the shapes into their assigned holes. He just couldn't figure the square out. He got the triangle fine, but that square was giving him trouble. He concentrated so hard on the circle and triangle holes, but NEVER tried the square. So after watching for a few mintues, I tried to help him. I was zero help to him. He kept doing what he was doing and moving my hand out of the way. Such a smarty pants!

Not a super exciting day, but I had to write down a few memories. He makes me so happy!

And to end the day, Ian and I enjoyed an awesome fall snack together before we hit the hay tonight. Butternut squash with butter and brown sugar! YUM!

You can click here for the one year photos. I took the ones of him with the balloon and running around the parking lot. Cute boy!


MIke said...

I tell every one that I know to remember the times when your children are little. They grow up so fast. The time will fly. I now get to see that same time fly watching my grandkids grow. I'm glad you had a good time with Liam.

Anonymous said...

what a great saturday!

Katie said...

Sounds like a good day to me! I thought pictures number 9, 21, 23, and 39 were especially cute.

And good for you for keeping your word to Liam about the rocks.

Robin said...

What a cute guy! I can't believe all that he is doing nowadays and it makes me smile to think of him saying mom and sitting and coloring. No pictures needed, you described everything wonderfully.

grandma -dixie said...

Sounds like a full and fun day,so glad that you kept your word to Liam and let him play in the rocks, your a good mom. You did a wonderful job describing the day. The butternut squash is a favorite of ours also.

Poopydigs said...

Whoohoo! Great that he can maneuver the stairs. And 40 minutes in the stroller? How glorious.

That fall snack looks mighty yummy.