Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Report

Well Liam did it! Three rounds of costume wearing in one day!

We left the house at 9am so we could make it to his 12 month doctor appointment at 9:30am. The whole third floor of the pediatric offices were appropriately under construction so it was interesting finding where we were supposed to be. It was kinda like a haunted house feel, but with flourescent lighting instead of black lights. Doctor Wynn was his normal bubbly self. I was looking forward to seeing what he was dressed up as this year. Last year he was a hippy with a long blonde bandana'd wig and tie-dyed T-shirt.

He came out to tell the receptionist something while we were signing in, etc. I asked him if we could take a photo then since we'd have to strip Liam once we got into the exam room. He was so sweet and fawned over Liam's costume and how cute he was in it. As you can see, Liam wasn't too excited about being held by other than yours truly.

After much whining, crying and clinging to Daddy, Liam recovered from the two shots he was given by a mean old witch. I was glad Ian was there with us. Liam was certainly a Daddy's boy this morning.

We got Liam in his car seat then headed a few blocks away to Ian's work. All of his co-workers were just taken back by the cuteness in their midst! Many compliments, gushing and sweet treats were bestowed upon our little lion. I have to pass on many thanks to my VERY talented Mother-in-law for creating such a priceless and adorable costume! Everyone was impressed with her work and wanted me to pass that message on to her... SO impressed!

Ian put Liam in one of the carts in the warehouse. It looked like we had a caged lion! A very tame lion! He was being so charming and adorable!

We left Ian's place of employment and then headed to mine. Liam gnawed and crinkled all the sealed candy he was given as we made our way about 15 minutes away to my work. He continued to be charming to each person he came into contact with. He aquired a few more treats, compliments and gasps from lion lovers. It was so fun to show him off and he had such a good time prowling the hallways.

On our way out, I took his costume off and let him run loose in the lobby. He made a b-line for the fish tank! He was reaching for it long before I got the costume off of him.

Our ten minute drive to the babysitter's house was too long for Liam. He fell asleep 5 minutes into our commute. He continued to sleep when I dropped him off at the sitter.

I got back to work and wished I had taken the whole day off. I was hoping he wouldn't be too grumpy as a result of his shots.

I picked him up from the sitter and he was whiney the rest of the evening. Suffice it to say, we stayed in the rest of the night and handed out candy. Every time the door bell rang, Liam would say "oh" and go straight to the door. Not just to greet our disguised mini visitors, but to try to escape to the outdoors. Even though it's feezing out there, he loves going outside. And he loves kids, so it was a pretty fun time for him to have so many little creatures come calling for candy.

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grandma -dixie said...

Mighty cute Little Lion, Love the picture of Liam in the cart, it looks like he is in a cage. To bad they have to give shots to our little ones,good that Ian could go with you. We stayed home tonight but not even one trick-or- treater came our way,its a record, 4 years in a row, no trick-or-treaters.When we lived in Utah we got slamed but now its to cold and to dark on our street. Liam makes the cutest little Lion I have ever seen.

Eli's Mom said...

That is the CUTEST costume!

Tori :) said...

What a cutie!!
Will he be warped by the witch giving him shots?? Your dr. office sounds fun. :)

Robin said...

I love that little caged lion! It sounds like you guys had a fun Halloween (other than the shots).

Kristen said...

Sounds like a great Halloween for Liam--except for the shots of course.

The costume is precious! Adorable! Kudos to your MIL!

utmommy said...

Love love the costume! Hope you had a happy halloween despite the shots.

Preds Girl said...

SO CUTE!!! You are such a great photographer!

PS- I updated the details on my Pink in the Rink blog.

Nikkie said...

He made such an adorable lion!

Juliet said...

What a busy, fun Halloween you had! Liam is precious!
Haven't seen you around my blog in awhile. There are some pictures of William in his costume there.

Lynanne said...

The "caged" lion picture is purr-fect!!!! I love it!

Anonymous said...

what an adorable costume!!

Anonymous said...

i voted :) he is too adorable!!

count your blessings--2 shots is great. little bit got 4!! 4!! poor. baby. 2 in one leg, one in the other and one in her arm. she was TICKED. i can't say she was bad, though, b/c who wouldn't cry and scream and shake uncontrollably?

Anonymous said...

That is the most adorable baby lion I've ever seen! Sierra had her 12 month on Halloween to, she wasn't to happy about that. We went trick or treating and Sierra had so much fun. She loves little kids and the cold outdoors just like Liam.

Anonymous said...

That costume is adorable!!! I love the pics of him in the leaves too. :-)

Nettie said...

That's the most adorable lion I've ever seen, no "Lion"! (Sorry, couldn't help myself!)