Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

I wish I hadn't put off writing about our nice long weekend. I had procrastinated Liam's birthday letter and told myself I had to complete that before I reported on the holiday weekend... and now it's a week later and I am forgetting how relaxing and wonderful it was.

Friday (May 23rd), I took the day off of work. I asked for the day off because I was so excited to see the proofs of Meredith's photos. She wasn't able to meet with us in the evenings I had available so I asked her if Friday morning would work and she said yes! When my manager said I could have the whole day off, I was so happy! It was going to be (hopefully) a nice day with Liam, seeing proofs with Meredith and shopping for day cares.

To my surprise, Liam was pretty easy to handle all day long. Meredith was so sweet to keep him entertained while I decided on my favorite photos. I rewarded him with a trip to a park near Meredith's house. We had a great time on all the cool slides and the swings too.

We then made a stop at a day care and did a tour. Liam was fairly shy so he actually wanted me to hold him. That came in handy because he didn't run off or get into anything while I chatted with the director.

We stopped at my workplace to eat a pot luck lunch with my co-workers (I had forgotten that I signed up to bring something when I asked for the day off). It was fun showing Liam off to my friends and he actually ate a few bits of good food (along with a million sour cream and chive potato chips).

We went home and played outside for a tiny bit then it was time for naps. We both slept well and when we woke up, Ian got home while we were watching Monsters, Inc. Ian watched Liam while a ran to Sam's Club and to see one more day care before the end of business.

Saturday (May 24th), we went to the Hogle Zoo. On the way, we stopped at our favorite breakfast place. Liam was ask if we were going to see the animals a few times during our meal. We kept reassuring him that was our next stop.

Liam was so good in the car all the way there. He kept saying "see anmals, see anmals??" He was so excited! The first thing we did was ride the "choo choo twrain" and then we started on our trek to see all the animals in the zoo. The funny thing is, Liam's favorite animals were ones that didn't even have exhibits at the zoo. He'd notice birds all around and loved to see the ducks and ducklings. He did take a mighty interest in the giraffes though. There was a baby one and he kept saying "baby giraffe, baby giraffe!"

We took a break and got some snacks. Liam walked around with his ice cream cone and worked so diligently for it not to drip. We always find this task entertaining to watch. He is very focused.

After seeing a few more animals, we all were getting pretty tired. We made a stop at the zoo gift shop and Liam picked out an animal train as his souvenier. He carried it under his arm all the way to the car. And on our way to the car we noticed a big grasshopper on someone's car grill. We dared Liam to touch it and he cautiously did so.

He didn't fall asleep on the way home but he took a great nap once we got unwound at home. He was really sweet the rest of the day. We played outside and I can't remember what else.

Sunday was a lazy day.

Monday was the same. We did have Joslyn over to make cookies since it was too chilly to play in the water. They had a good time together and the cookies were so yummy!


Carrie said...

Sounds like a easy going weekend! Loved the pics of the ice cream cone. :) Can you believe how big these guys are getting? I hope you found a day care you liked!

Anissa said...

The zoo trip sounds great. I'm glad Liam was so sweet the whole weekend. Don't know about you, but I'm ready for the next 3 day weekend already... July 4th will hopefully come sooner rather than later. and then we can look forward to your trip! yipee! :)

K said...

I love long weekends where nothing is expected of you but to spend time with your family. Sounds like a fun one!

Good luck on the search for a good child care provider!

D said...

What a wonderful fun weekend. The zoo sounds like a blast! How's the day care hunt going? Hope you find an excellent one.

RC said...

Love the picture of him touching the grasshopper!

Daisy said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Right now I can't even remember what we did except unfortunately I had to work both Sunday afternoon and Monday morning:(