Friday, May 16, 2008

Holiday sing song

It's 9:42am and Liam is at the kitchen table and I'm in the family room working. He's molding his play dough and singing over and over "jingle bells, jingle bells... jingle all away!" He keeps repeating that over and over in his cute singing voice.

I love it!


Saedi Oldham said...

HE IS SO DARLING! Have you been listening to Christmas cd's???

Sandra said...

That's awesome! Isn't it funny what our kids remember?!

Robin said...

THat is too cute. I love when my kids don't know I can hear them and they say the funniest stuff!

Preds Girl said...

Ok, that may be the cutest thing ever. LOL!! How adorable!

Don't forget the my email. :-)

Katey said...

He's so cute, so very cute!