Friday, May 02, 2008

Crisis Averted

We got home tonight and Liam started to "help" Daddy mow the lawn.

He sat on Daddy's shoulders while Daddy did all the hard work.

Well, things were going fine and I was snapping photos.

Then we suddenly had a hatless crying little boy!

I guess he didn't duck when Ian warned him, as they were going around the low tree in the front yard.

The poor kid's face is now gashed down the side.

I put some vinegar on the wound hoping that would settle the swelling a bit. It was still bleeding though.

The clots look pretty red and not photo worthy.

We have been scheduled (for a real long time) to have a photo shoot with Meredith.

It's tomorrow at 3pm.

I called her and she says she can fix any photos that have Liam's new gash showing.

Now let's just hope for happy boys and a happy mama tomorrow!


utmommy said...

Poor Liam :(

It always seem that someone gets hurt right before pictures. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Oh no... Poor Liam! Hope he feels better soon and that the pictures work out okay!

Daisy said...

Poor boy!! Hope the pictures still come out good.

D said...

Kaden did that to us too! well sort of. Last Sunday he tripped on the sidewalk in our backyard twice and banged up his head and knees. We had talked about getting photos this sat. or next. The photographer hasn't called me back to set up a time which is good since he should be all healed up by next week as long as he doesn't do it again! He didn't bruise as badly as we thought he might and is healing quickly. Poor Liam- I hope he heals quickly too!

Anissa said...

Murphy's Law. You have a great photographer that is willing to photoshop out the oowie. Hope the picture taking went well. Those are always stressful days for me. Can't wait to see the results!

Tig's mom, Kristina said...

Poor Liam! I once had aphotographer advise me not to photoshop the bangs and bruises out of Teagan;s pictures - the bangs and bruises made up part of who she was (she was constantly hitting her head on something!) And now I sort of go by that - With the cuts, scrapes, stiches, casts or whatever in the picture, it is an accurate moment in time of the person my kids were when the picture was snapped!
All the same, I hope you guys had a great shoot!

adamrodkey said...

Man, when I saw a pic of a kid on dad's shoulders and a running lawnmower, I feared worse.

beth - total mom haircut said...

Oh no! Poor kid.

Sam totally bought it running down the sidewalk yesterday. His knees are all skinned up and he's acting like he's been paralyzed. He can't walk or move because of "his boo boooooooos!"

Stepherz said...

Poor Fella! I hope he's all better now. Those kiddos are so resilient and tough!

Terry said...

Aw, poor Liam. The scratch on the face just before pictures has happened to me too. Thats the worst. At least Meridith can fix them up!

MK said...

How sad, owies are never fun! But I have to ask, vinegar? I have never heard of that, does it work really well, I will have to add that to my mommy medicine bag!