Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jumpin Jacks Kids

Alyson and I planned to meet up at Jumpin Jacks on Saturday morning with the kids. I got there a couple minutes before she arrived and found out that WE had to have socks, not just the kids.

So we loaded Liam's seat into Alyson's car and headed over to Wal-mart just a few blocks away. The kids were so tickled to be together in the car... and then again together in the cart at the store.

Both Liam and I enjoyed Emma's stories of Disneyland as we shopped for socks. She is so social and so cute. Ava seems to take after Emma that way too. Just a sweet friendly little gal.

Here are some photos of the kids. They had such a great Saturday morning!! (And near noon the moms were a bit worn out and ready to go home for lunch and naps. Jumpin Jacks is a good place for exercise for kids and parents alike...)


Preds Girl said...

So cute! Sounds fun!

Katey said...

Oh such fun!

Saedi Oldham said...

You girls are so fun! I wish so bad I could have made it, but I guess the temple was good too! Love ya!

utmommy said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time!

We still haven't made it there. I really think we need to.

My Full Hands said...

So fun to have a day out with friends!!!

Yvonne said...

Loved the pictures. Glad it was such a fun day for everyone.