Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sunday Night Rockband

Thanks to the Wheeler's, Ian has wanted Rockband since he played in July with all those funny brothers. So with his birthday money he bought himself this noisy video game. Just in time to have people to play it with him... cuz we all I know I won't touch it. Thanks, Tyler, Drew, Blake, Dad and Liam for obliging him.

Other notes:

Liam thinks he does pretty well on the drums... he's really good at climbing on all the other players too and messing up their percentages.

Liam's most requested music is "MORE COW BELL!"


D said...

We got a Wii for Christmas which we opened as soon as it got here. :) We got the outdoor challenge game and so as soon as Matt got home from work last night and Kaden handed him a controller and ran to get the mat. He's giving Matt a good workout every night.

Suzanne said...

That looks like a fun activity that Liam can join in on with the guys! (While you do girly things of course!) :)

Clare said...

oh that looks like so much fun!

The Goddess said...

My daughter has wanted that game for awhile. We considered getting her that for x-mas and then reconsidered real quick. Lol

I bet Liam is SOOO cute playing the drums. I'm sure we'll see some really adorable video of that real soon. Hint hint. Lol

Nancy Face said...

Good for you...I won't play either! :D

Daisy said...

Haha.. more cowbell!! My cousin brings his Xbox to all family functions and we all take turns playing the different stuff. You might be surprised how much fun it is!!