Thursday, December 11, 2008


Not only am I having a blogging drought, we are having a snow drought this winter in the Utah Valley. We are so overdue for snow photos of my darling boy! Usually by December 1st we are out there playing in the fun white stuff. We bought the nice snow pants and he got a great coat from the Grandparents... we've been prepared and waiting since November. It's just not right.

I've been keeping busy with getting the house organized for the upcoming Christmas festivities at our house. Grandma and Grandpa are going to be on their way from Minnesota tomorrow. We can't wait to host Christmas this year for Ian's parents and his 3 brothers. Liam is going to get so much attention from them all (being the only nephew and grandchild). It's going to be so great to be together - all of us. We haven't been together since Ian and I got married over 8 years ago. It's been too long.

That is all I have to report for now. I'll leave you with a Liam funny...

Liam makes a cat call sound... not a whistle, but a sing song "woo hoo" kind of thing. Baffled as to where he came up with that sound effect, I said, "Where did that come from?" Liam says, "My mouth!"

There you have it. A smart aleck and he probably doesn't even know it.


Little Hensley Fam said...

I love how kids say things that sound like they are being smart alecs but really they're just being honest right? lol! Sorry about your lack of snow... we would be in shock here in Southern California if it snowed!lol! People are bad enough drivers when it rains, I'd hate to see what they did in Snow! p.s. could you resend me your address... again! UGH! I promise it's going in a nice saved file this year with everyone else on my computer!

RCRambling said...

He's not a smart-aleck, he's just telling the truth. ;-)

Head this way and you can share our snow. :D

Leatha said...

I love things kids say. I am not missing snow too much - in fact, one of the only reasons I miss snow is because I want to see Raja's reaction to it, and I want to see them both playing in it. So I'd love to see some snow photos when you can finally get some!

The Goddess said...

I think snow came for us a little late us too. I definitely cant say that I mind one bit. If there were no snow ALL winter I'd be a happy camper.

You've got a little sarcastic one in the making. I'm sure he was just being honest because it DID actually come from his mouth. So cute. I'm sure you couldn't help but laugh.

Daisy said...

That's so cute and typical!! Is Ian the only one married?