Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tid bits

~Liam knows all of the alphabet... I don't know when it happened but it's been in the last month or so that there are no more mix ups. And the letter O is not a "kircle" anymore, it's an "O!" I thought it was pretty cute that all zeros and O's were circles to him. And lowercase L's were the number 1, but not anymore. His counting has improved greatly too. He goes into the high teens now.

~Last night during dinner, Daddy asked Liam if we should go camping sometime soon. Liam got all excited and said, "Yeah! Pamping!" So of course the rest of the evening we took a few more opportunities to have Liam say the word camping. "Pamping!!!"

~Liam was such a big helper last night. I got a spring cleaning bug in me, so I'd invite him to help me with a few things. He helped wash the front picture window, inside and outside. He cleaned the kickboard of the front door (and I cleaned the rest of the door). He helped me vacuum the stairs and also helped pick up his toys.

~Liam has had a hard time going to bed the past week or more. The time change kinda compounded the matter. Last night we were getting pretty impatient as we wanted to watch a movie and Liam just wouldn't go down without many screaming requests from his bedroom. I finally related to Ian, after he asked what we should do, that I was going to bring Liam down and take him on the front porch to cool off and give him a talking to. (It was pretty hot in his bedroom and with the added carrying on, we knew he was probably sweating at this point.) So I went up and grabbed Liam, stood at the top of the stairs with him as I counted to 3 for him to stop crying and get himself together. (He's been taught this trick as going downstairs is a big treat when it's bed time.) The crying ceased and I made my way to the front door and out. I talked to him about a warm bed verses the cold front porch. I went on about how nice his bed is and sleeping outside would be sooo cold. I then told him that Daddy is not going to "cuggle" him (this is always the main request from Liam). Daddy is only going to cuddle Mommy from now on. "So, are you ready to go back to your warm bed to cuddle your silky, blanky and pillows?" Yes was his reply and with him repeating the phrase Daddy "cuggles" Mommy, we headed up the stairs. I put him in his bed and we didn't hear anything more from him.


D said...

Such a smart boy! Love all the little insights into his life. :)
Kaden sees letters as animals thanks to fisher price- i.e. He see the letter F and says Flamingo. :)

We got lucky with the time change- Kaden has been sleeping in until 9:30! Too bad I go to work at 6:30 or I would really be enjoying it!

Emma said...

OMG, the alphabet? I'm still working on counting to five. We're stuck on four, and then she starts at one again.

((Got ur call. DH and I switched phones, so I need to give you my new number. Yes, the terrible 2s are starting to murder us.))

Ashley said...

"Cuggle" that is so sweet. I am glad there has been a little peace putting him to bed. The time change has been killer for us, I mean if the sun is up my kids think it is NOT bedtime.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Wow, he's go the alphabet and the jist of the birds and bees (daddy only cuggles mommy) all in one week! He will have bragging rights for sure.

Preds Girl said...

Awe! So cute! And aren't you the smartest mommy on the planet-such a great idea to take him to the front porch and have a heart-to-heart. And, what a smart little boy you have on your hands!

MileHighMommy said...

What a smart little guy! Being able to recognize numbers and letters accurately is pretty much genius for a 2 year old!

The "kircle" O made me lil' guy see's zeros and O's and calls them moons (he loves searching the sky for stars, the moon, birds - you name it!).

Klin said...

I like thinking of the "O" as a "kircle" That's just too cute.

Good way to set boundaries by saying daddy is only going to cuddle mommy. I bet Liam is going to miss those cuggles. Good thing he has his silky blanket and pillow.

Bedtime is still a fight around her with the girls. Steve, too. AJ is real good at it.

Cheryl said...

What a smarty! Good job.

We've done the porch thing too. Works like a charm.

I love all his cute words. Cuggle, Kircle. I can almost hear his cute little voice.

utmommy said...

I can't wait to go "pamping" either!

Yvonne said...

The time change is so tough--for all of us.

Love the cuggles--too cute.

You are such a great mom.

ashleykimble said...

Your little boy is a cutie! I love your birthday sweet! I have a little boy who is 3 so I can relate to some of the stories. It is hard to explain the joy it brings parents when their kiddos learn something new, you do a good job of it in your blog. Hope you stop by mine sometime. Nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

He is one hella smart kid.

Love, Rita Rickman