Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Auto-Rama and Aquarium

Saturday Liam had a runny nose and the chappy face to compliment it. He was up almost every hour Friday night into Saturday. So after a long lazy morning of recovery (and Liam's noon nap), we headed to the Auto-Rama car show in SLC. Ian has been wanting to go since he heard about it. Chappy and I decided to join him.

It was a feat keeping Liam from touching all the pretty cars, but he did well over all. We took turns chasing him, holding him and helping him push the stroller. He got to see Lightning McQueen and also got a giant pretzel all to himself!

We were due to meet up with Josh & Katie at 7pm for dinner (and it was only 5 when we ran through the snow to find our car). We decided Liam needed a kid friendly place to run around and touch stuff. So we went to the aquarium close by.

Liam loved skipping around, pressing his cute head against the jelly fish tanks, splashing in the sting ray pool and chasing other kids that were there.

Liam was such a good boy all through dinner with our good friends. He started "hiding" under the table when he was all done eating, but we soon left so all was well. We then went to hang out with Kari, Adam and Jayci. Jayci is the happiest most charming baby on the planet. Her peek-a-boo skills were very impressive! She is one smart little girl! I loved her cute little voice too!

Liam fell asleep on the way home. He transferred well to his bed and woke later around 11pm so I could give him his medicine and change him into his pajamas. Such a sweet little groggy guy.


D said...

What a busy day! Sounds like a ton of fun! Kaden would have loved to see Lightning Mcqueen- we probably would have been dragging him away from him the whole time. Aquariums are awesome and so are good friends to visit with. Sounds wonderful!

Katie said...

I'm so glad we got to see you! Liam is so sweet. I love his little voice!

Aly said...

How fun. My girls love the aquarium too!

Anonymous said...

That pretzel is practically bigger than Liam! ;-)

The Goddess said...

What a fun day! My little one is coming down with a cold too so we were up most the night last night. He gets so cuddly when he's sick and I'm loving that, but hate that he's sick. He's got the red nose and starting to get a little "chappy" too. Not fun.

Anonymous said...

You sure have a beautiful family!

Love, Rita Rickman