Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fun Times

It's not even Easter yet and we've already had a ton of fun the past few days.

Thursday night the boys got their hairs cut and then we went for ice cream afterwards. They looked so spiffy with their new cuts. Just in time for Grandma Dixie to come and just in time for Easter weekend too.

Friday I had the day off of work because we were planning on meeting up with Robin and Trent (and the kiddos) while they were still in the area. Liam and I were home all morning. He was such a good boy and let me take some photos of him in the front yard. It was a gorgeous spring day!

Daddy got home and we three left to meet up with Robin and gang at Chuck E Cheese's. It was so good to see everyone, especially Henry. He was my snuggle bud pretty much the whole time. I have been so excited to meet him and he didn't disappoint. Thanks, Robin, for indulging me.

Liam loved all the toys and games at this place with the "big mouse"... He would play the game as best he could, then gather his winnings like a real grown up... folding the tickets just right, then stuffing them in his pockets (video to come). Later he was grooving to the music as he ate his pizza and even gave that "big mouse" a high five. What a little man!

After the lunch party, the gang came back to our house. I had laid Liam down for his nap right before Robin and family got here. An hour later Liam hadn't slept a wink and was downstairs playing with the kids. Yep, he got out of his crib (on his own accord), opened his door and came downstairs because he KNEW there was more partying going on. He really enjoyed Tucker's company. I would love to have Tucker around here more often. What a cute pair they were.

Robin went over to see her old house and the dads went to wash the car. I had 4 kids for a bit and it was as easy as pie. They were so good with each other. Charlotte just played with the boys and Henry would do his own thing crawling all over. I was amazed at how careful the other kids were with Henry when he'd come to drool on the toys they were playing with. Tucker especially knew how to be gentle. Made me miss these kids (and their mom) even more... why did you all have to move to Arizona?

Friday evening Grandma Dixie arrived! He's been talking about her all week long and finally he got to see "Gram!" Liam gave her a nice greeting with a big hug! She was tickled that he hugged her so soon with no warming up. Once we all came inside, she gave Liam some gifts. He opened up a bag full of Crayola Color Wonders and started his art work immediately! A little later, there was a bigger gift to open... a Radio Flyer Tricycle! Daddy put it together and we all went outside to see Liam actually peddle that thing! Such a big kid!


Saturday (today), we got up and around and out of the house by 10am. We made our way to Thanksgiving Point to face a much larger crowd than last year's Easter Eggstreme. We paid to get in then totally skipped all the activities (long lines) that we paid for. We went straight to the farm animals.

It was a brisk day so Liam was feeling kinda chilly. Daddy carried him most of the time as we went through to see all of the animals. We had a warm break when we went inside to see the baby chicks and ducklings. There was a yellow chick and a brown one. We decided to buy the yellow one. Liam and Grandma were in the back seat giggling with that little chick all the way to IFA (where we picked up some feed and two more chicks that will lay eggs eventually). More giggling commenced in the back seat on the way home... three chicks that are a week (or less) old.

Much handling of chicks took up the rest of our afternoon and evening (plus lunch with Uncle Drew and a nap). Liam can't get enough of our chickens who live in a box in my sewing room. Their names are Yellow, Peanut and Caramel. Liam's is Yellow, Daddy's is Peanut and mine is Caramel. Liam let us each have one of his chicks... so nice to share!

You can see all three days worth of photos HERE.


Alice Wills Gold said...

Wow, you are blogging at the same time as me...surprise surprise, except that it is two hours later out here....I am going to BED!

Loved all the photos and I am so proud of your have captured it all! What a good mom!

Happy Easter!

D said...

Such fun! Isn't amazing how much easier it is to watch 4 kids (of varying ages gotta have the bigger kids in there) than just one because they all entertain and watch over each other. Mostly they entertain each other. I love taking Kaden over to my cousins because the kids keep him so busy and happy.

We took Kaden to a farm yesterday too. It was hot here though! We went at 10 and we were roasting. We are not ready for summer! Liam is adorable in his easter outfit and Tam. I love seeing him with the chicks!

Preds Girl said...

Oh how cute!! Sounds like y'all have had a fabulous week!

Love the names of the chicks. So cute!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you've had a lot of fun. Love the tricycle - how cool!

Carrie said...

Sounds like a fun Easter weekend! I've never braved the Thanksgiving Point Easter Egg hunt myself. The chicks are cute!

Saedi Oldham said...

Hi Cutie! Well, I finally got a blog. Dan's cousin printed hers out into a hardbound book, and I couldn't stand it anymore. I want a family journal really bad, so here it is now! Love ya!

Anissa said...

that is brave to have chicks in the house. i don't know if I could do it!
The neighbors behind us got some eggs that hatched last year and one of them turned out to be a rooster (which we kindly asked that they get rid of). But we still hear lots of chicken noises back there from the 4-5 chickens they kept... You gonna keep yours?
sounds like a great day, i'm jealous of all your fun adventures!

Robin said...

We miss you guys! And I am jealous of your darling chicks, hope your cats don't eat them!

Terry said...

Wow, baby chicks! You are a fun indulgent mom! I am sorry that Liam gets out of his crib. Eliza got out at around 21 months. It stinks when the don't stay contained to go to sleep. Bedtime has been hard with her every since, it was cake from birth until then. Sadie has been indulging me and hasn't gotten out of her crib yet!!! I am in no hurry to move her out of it either! Good Luck.

Tig's mom Kristina said...

You guys sound like you had a great Easter weekend! I love that you guys got chicks! We had chickens before we moved here and loved them! After a while they were all laying eggs every day and were able to have all the eggs we could handle to eat and still be the neighborhood and family suppliers! And that was only with about 5-6 hens laying! It was great! And I loved having the kids take care of the animals - it was a great way to teach responsibility! Have fun with them!

The Goddess said...

You guys take the most awesome pics. I love the pic of Liam with the little chick and the pic of him on his new bike. Can't wait to see the video from Chuck E Cheese.

Yvonne said...

What a great recap. I love the pictures of Liam and his little chick. He is growing so much.

Stepherz said...

Goodness! I could have used these pics all week for a pick-me-up, why didn't I visit until now!?

The smiles! The little chicks! The Ice Cream! The red tricycle! I'm loving this post!