Sunday, August 05, 2007

The week review

Nothing too exciting happened over the week or weekend, but Liam finds fun in just about anything. He is just a lover of life that way. We love to humor him as much as we possibly can in our old age. It's hard to remember the days as a child when energy wasn't an issue.

Last Monday evening, Ian took us out to eat at an Indian place and after a pretty smooth meal with a toddler (thanks to a few toy cars and some markers) we then headed over to K-M@rt to see if they had any kiddie pools left. All they had were the hard plastic ones, but we took what we could get. Liam was thrilled when we walked to the car with it in tow. He couldn't wait to get his shoes off when we got home so he could go "swim swim" in the big tub!

Liam about froze solid because at 7pm we filled the pool with water direct from the hose. He couldn't get enough of that water, no matter the bitter temperature. I couldn't even wade in there for more than a few seconds... even though he wanted me AND Ian to play with him in the pool. He is very pushy like that and I am grateful that Ian obliges our child in just about anything he asks for.

Liam doing his signature "butt flop" just as he does in
the indoor tub [and gets his mom soaked].

After about 40 minutes of playing in the water, we finally forced our child to strip down and cuddle in a fluffy towel to warm up. Even after putting pajamas on and being inside for a bit, his lips were still blue for another hour! He didn't care. He just kept asking to go back outside because "outside" has a whole new meaning with a tub of water sitting in the yard.

The rest of the week was pretty low key... not a lot of photos until Friday morning when I caught Liam looking completely grown up as he watched Charlie & Lola while I got ready for work. It's handy that he loves this tv show so much! When it's time for me to get ready for work I say, "Do you want to go upstairs and watch Charlie & Lola?" And he says in reply, "Looow-LA!" in his low to high voice... then he books it up the stairs and claps his hands with glee as I start the DVD player.

Another highlight that I didn't mention last week is that Liam LOVES eggs! He will wake up in the mornings and immediately want his rice milk (and I give him a few fruit loops to eat with it as we cuddle on the couch for a bit). So this is around 7 or 7:30am. Then at 9am he requests his real breakfast. I scramble up 2 eggs plain (unless I have leftover meat or a veggie on hand). He shovels the eggs in his mouth without breathing or taking a drink. He then asks for "more" and I about flip every time he does this! At that point I make him a Pillsbury Toaster Scramble and he slowly puts that away in his belly and then breakfast is done. If we have fresh fruit on hand, that is always offered before the toaster scramble or while I am making those 2 eggs. I am baffled that he can eat this much every single morning the past two weeks. We are going through eggs pretty dang fast!

Anyway, I didn't take any more photos until Saturday when we went to Thanksgiving Point for Shade's Half Yearly Sale. No, I didn't take photos at the sale, though I am sure Liam looked darling but HUGE in the front carrier because I fully expected to be fighting a tight crowd with this kind of close-out sale. Nope, I should have just used the stroller...

Liam watching all the ducks and geese. I love his profile!

So after finding about 4 shirts and paying for them, I decided Liam should have some fun while we were 10 steps from the farm animals. It was only $3.50 for admission since Liam is still under 2 and it was worth every penny. He loved the goats, chickens and turkeys. He pointed to all the animals, especially the horses and ducks, and made the appropriate sounds. He doted on the baby cow for a long while and kept signing and saying "baaaay-bee, baaaay-bee!" It was so sweet!

Liam admiring that gorgeous calf.

We got a free pony ride with our admission, but Liam didn't last more than a couple minutes on the non-moving pony he chose. Just standing back far enough to take a full photo of him and the pony made him totally uncomfortable. He watched the other kids ride and was content with witnessing the fun from afar.

This photo makes him look SO small!

Before we left, I got a darling posed photo of Liam on an old wagon! Dang, I love that face!


utmommy said...

I've been to Thanksgiving Point several times, but we've never made it over to the farm. Looks like fun!

I wish I would've known about the Shade sale, I would've SO been there! Maybe next year.

That boy of yours just keeps getting cuter and cuter :)

Are We There Yet? said...

Liam is too cute...Kylee loves her outside pool just like he does and loves Charlie and Lola...Kylee says Cha-wee
Thanksgiving point looks/sounds fun and that one picture (the profile one) looks like he's going in for the kill.

Daisy said...

Cameryn was looking at your pictures while I was reading this post and totally remembered who Liam was. So cute. I love that picture of him looking at the ducks and geese. Looks like he is some kind of adventurer.

Anissa said...

That was a great post. You are a lot busier than you lead on! So many fun moments with a toddler that is experiencing everything for the first time.
That pic of Liam watching the DVD is my favorite.
And I can't believe he lasted that long in the freezing cold water. My kids are wimps when it comes to cold water. Maybe that will change when they get older, but for now they do NOT like sitting in hose water in their pool.
Liam would love our little blow up pool. It's got inflatable sides and is about 3 times the size of those plastic ones. Got it at Target for $10. It's awesome!

David said...

I know all about freezing pools. Brr! The pony ride looks fun. Too bad the pony wouldn't move. Or is that how you wanted it?

Kayelyn said...

LOVE the pics. Especially the one of Liam in the pool. Takes me back to when my kiddos were his age. They are water babies and cold was NOT a deterrent.

What a fun time at T.P. (not toilet paper). I guess I need to explore that place more. We love the dinosaur exhibit and playing in the sand and water.

Caitlin said...

Oh my goodness, he is gorgeous.

Oh and, that "woops I used the wrong clippers" haircut is a specialty of mine. Lol.

Suzanne said...

Good Times!

Ha, just kidding, Gina!

I can't believe I missed the Shade sale over the weekend! I would have totally come and met you there if we hadn't been painting our house. Maybe next time!

How cute that Liam didn't want to come out of the pool! I've found my boys are the same way playing in the snow. They'll be just about frozen solid before I can get them to come inside. :)

Terry said...

Its funny how these kiddos still find the pool SO FUN even though they are freezing! I love the pony picture. He does look so small!

Katie said...

Loved the video! Ian is such a good Daddy. And what a nice Mommy you are to take Liam to the farm!

Jessica said...

What a cute happy kid. I think I enjoy reading about him more that I did before becuase I feel like I acutally know who he is. Looks like he had fun with the animals. How funny that his horse didn't walk..hahaha

Yvonne said...

As many times as I've been to Utah, I have yet to visit Thanksgiving Point. Looks like a great place--maybe next time.

I love the picture of him looking at the ducks and geese--wouldn't you just LOVE to know what he was thinking. Too cute.

Robin said...

Who wouldn't love that face? What a fun week! My kids have had to have their fun outside the house without me.