Monday, August 13, 2007

Busy Toddler

Liam has been busy with more P.E.R.C. toys, random findings around the house and of course, drawing. A couple weeks ago when we bought him a pool, we also picked up some window markers, finger paints, sidewalk chalk and I can't remember what else! Oh yeah, and more of the Crayola color explosion markers and drawing paper.

I haven't tried the finger paints yet, but the sidewalk chalk is a hit as long as his little pool is out of sight. Any kind of drawing activity is a thrill in Liam's book! He loves to get us involved and also for us to praise his work every few minutes (or seconds).

He has gotten to be very bossy and very particular about things lately. Quirky little child! It's frustrating sometimes, but mainly we get a kick out of his odd requests and funny ways of doing things.

He loves to draw and color with markers. Crayons require more effort than markers, so they are not his first choice.

These window markers are perfect for the big mirrored closet doors in the family room.

I found these bug (similar to the fish) counting and sequencing cards at P.E.R.C. He loves organizing all the bugs by species and lining them up in rows and also matching them to the sequence cards.

The giant peg board is still a hit. I got one that has different shaped pegs this time. This week his big thing is to kick the stacks over instead of swiping at them. I am not sure where all the foot action is coming from... sadly the kicking doesn't stop there. :(

This is called the Kiddie Carnival and Liam picked this one out all by himself at the P.E.R.C. center! This kept him busy for 2 mornings in a row!

He found his old froggy hat and insisted he wear it this weekend while he would draw or play around with any other toys. I just laughed at him. In the above photo he was holding a shovel and a golf club between his legs and trying to walk around like that. He's just been doing odd things like this and it's hilarious!

Saturday night after he got out of the tub, he got all excited saying that he wanted his books. I did as he told me to. He seriously sat in his crib like this for a good 30 minutes "reading" until I finally had to force him to go night night.

Sunday morning he got his floaty rings that belonged to his inflatable pool (that died). He wrapped them around his neck and was walking around and playing like that for awhile. He tends to do this whenever he finds these rings... wraps them all around his body and makes us laugh every single time! (He took his pacifier out for this photo... such an obedient boy to give me a real smile without the binky!)


Danell said...

Wow! That is one busy kid! What a good mama you are. So are the window markers Crayola? I haven't seen those before.

MK said...

Wow, those window markers look too dangerous for my 4 year old. I know I would find them on the walls or something! She likes to be funny like that!! I love the froggy hat.

Jamie said...

Loving the frog hat... that is hilarious.

I need to get some new toys for Avery, you gave me some great ideas here!

Nikkie said...

That hat is just too cute. My little guy insists on wearing odd hats from time to time too. Those are some very cool toys!

Lisa M. said...

So beautiful-

Chocolate pudding works, great at the table, for finger paint.

What a darn fun Mom.

Anissa said...

I really do envy this phase that you are in. So many new activities to try out and keep busy with. You can do craft time and drawing time and just good old fashioned play time with him. I look forward to those days. But yes, I know, I need to enjoy the phase I'm in now.

Suzanne said...

He's getting bossy? I guess that means he's approaching age 2! :D I'm sorry to say that the bossy phase doesn't pass for quite awhile (and sometimes never)! *sigh*

How cute with all the books in his crib! :)

utmommy said...

Oh you'll just love the bossy stage. It's oh so fun! He's still cute!

David said...

Ooooh! Window markers! That looks cool. Not to mention the cool hat!

Caitlin said...

Adorable. He seems ot be very intelligent, too. My three-year-old has little patience for those time-intensive puzzle and sorting-type games.

Tracey said...

Those are sweet pictures! And it's great that you're documenting his little quirks as they come and go.

daisies said...

i love love love the froggy hat :) what a sweetie!

Terry said...

My kids love coloring too. I need to try the window markers. They'd love that! Aquadoodles are also great because they are totally mess free and fun!