Wednesday, May 31, 2006

He's Standing for Something

I mentioned over the weekend that Liam can now stand in his crib. Well as you can see, we have draped the crib in soft blankets because he has a talent of ramming his head into the wooden bars since he started crawling a few weeks ago.

The Strategy: Pull quilt completely off of side bar. Climb onto quilt and grab bars to get into the standing position. Cry loudly while balancing. Do not fall.

In other news:
Yesterday morning, Master Liam found two new toys. This Ford Truck was sent to us with a flower arrangement in it when we were in the hospital (sent from Grandma and Grandpa P). The truck is a fully functional toy and I have stored in on the bottom shelf of his changing table the past 7 months. He found it and loves it! In the second picture it shows how he's examining it... as if he wants to disect it and figure it all out. A true boy and son of his father.

His other discovery... well, take a look. I caught him as he was winding down on the excitement of this tiny marvel... on to something else that caught his eye... as always, the short attention span is revealed. (Please note that dropshots dumbs down the quality in a big way. I really do NOT sound like a robot and my kid's skin isn't that grainy.)

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Eli's Mom said...

That is adorable! Liam has found a new toy for sure!

Katie said...

One of my boys would stand in his crib and sob because he couldn't get down. He'd wake up several times in the middle of the night to practice his new skill, and it was awful! We tried and tried to teach him to get down by bending his knees, but to no avail. Finally we resorted to putting him to sleep in the pack-n-play because he couldn't get a good enough grasp on the mesh sides to climb up. A few nights later he was cured of waking up to practice and we let him go back to his bed.

Liam is so cute with the door stops! My boys loved them too. I had to take the soft ends off because I found that they figured out how to pluck them off and try to chew on them.

itybtyfrog said...

There is just something about a boy and a cute!

soleclaw said...

I wish mine had an attention span for that long! She seems to always be on the go, finding something new to convert to a toy!

Adorable pictures!

Mrs. Chicky said...

That's it. I'm lining my living room wall with those door stops and letting Chicky Baby have at it. I think I could get in a good 60 uninterupted minutes of blogging from that.

Love the pictures!

Nikkie said...

That video is just too funny. I love baby attention spans!

asiangarden said...

Haha, isn't it funny the things that babies find ammusing?
Hmmm, I wonder why you couldn't see the pic...I use photobucket...anyways....oh well, it is a cute one!!

Diana - Teacher Mom said...

Again, Maddie is totally doing the same thing. She just can't stay still in her crib. She has to fight with all her might until she is in a standing position. Ever since she figured that out, it has made it very difficult to put her down to sleep. Nice crib. Looks similar to the one we have. Is it convertible?