Monday, May 29, 2006

2 Firsts today

We went to Sam's Club today to pick up a few things. Since Liam is finally out of his infant car seat, we don't have that to clip onto shopping carts anymore. So today was the first time Liam sat in a shopping cart all by himself! What a big boy!

He took a nap this afternoon and I was downstairs. Awhile later, I heard some jabbering and a little grunting... I went upstairs to see if he would go back to sleep for me... NOPE. He was standing, he had climbed up the side of the crib and with all his strength was trying to stay standing so big! He had the panicked/surprised look on his face that said, "help me, Mom!" Precious!


soleclaw said...

Congratulations and enjoy that milestone while you can...the whole standing in the crib thing loses its charm real quick.

I can't get E down for a nap without having to peel her from the side of her crib at least 5 times before she'll even think about sleeping.

And she loves throwing her pacifier overboard, then shouting for me to come retrieve it.

Good times!

Nikkie said...

I love the cart riding thing! Its just so cute!

My little guy hasn't figured out that he can pull himself up to a standing position by grabbing on to things other then my hand. I'm kinda glad about that but I don't think it'll last too long!

grandma -dixie said...

I Love the pictures of all the firsts. Our little boy is growing up so fast. Love his indiana Jones look,he looks so darling in that hat. Going to the park is always a fun time. You will look back in your old age and think that was the best picture ever. The memories of the day will come flooding back.

Gina said...

I remember (barely) those firsts! Sometimes I look at my youngest who is four, and I can't even remember her as a baby. Thankfully I took a lot of photos and video!

Have fun with your little one. He won't be little much longer.