Sunday, May 07, 2006

Picture Intermission Over

Sorry for not writing for a bit. There hasn't been a lot to report or vent about which I guess is a good thing. Liam continues to progress in his crawling attempts and is fully navigational now. If he can see something he wants, he will get to it, FAST! He finally figured out how to sit up. From the crawling position he will shift to his side, do a side pose and just hang out that way playing with a toy or giving us a grin. He still doesn't balance well and from that side pose, he'll fall backwards and bump his head. I am so glad he is so tough. Only about 50% of the time he falls back like this does he cry about it.

Yesterday was the MOST productive Saturday we have had in LONG time. Ian got up way early to start turning the garden spot with a shovel. When I woke up he said we needed to rent a roto-tiller to turn the whole garden area as doing it by hand wasn't cutting it. I got Liam all ready to go out into his playpen in the back yard, with his little sun hat and blankets covering the pen. While Ian went to pick up the tiller, I got busy pulling all the BIG weeds, old veggie plants and hefty piles of grass cuttings out of the plot. Ian tilled the area while I was still hovering around him getting any big stuff out. He also tilled my future flower bed in the front yard. While he went to return the tiller, I fed Liam and layed him down for a nap. Ian got back a few minutes later and started loading the truck bed with all the yard waste and I went out to help him. We had so much crap to take to green waste, even weeds and cuttings from LAST summer! What a relief to have it all gone!

While Liam slept, we showered and got everything ready to run errands after dumping the yard waste. Since our Freelander is in the shop along with the stroller and nice car seat... we transferred diaper bags so during our stops Ian could carry the manly JJCole bag while I carried Liam in the front carrier. (Somewhere in there I organized all the leftover yard sale stuff to have the local charity pick it up on Tuesday.)

Liam woke and we got him loaded and off we went to the green waste site. While Ian was raking the stuff from the truck bed, I noticed some old friends pull up beside us. I got their attention and we visited with them for awhile (R & V Morgan). They got a glimpse of Liam and fawned over him for a few seconds then we were on our way. We stopped at the bank to finally deposit our garage sale proceeds from last Saturday, then headed to the Vineyard nursery to pick out our garden plants. We got most of our tomatoes and peppers there, but didn't find a few other things we wanted so we headed to the next Nursery up the road, Cook's. We got all our squash, corn, melons, celery and herbs there. I also picked out a variety of flower seeds I will put in the front yard. Liam was a big help in this. (He was in the front carrier and swiped at every packet I selected.)

Liam slept on the way home and it was an easy transition getting him in his crib so he could sleep longer. We took naps too! We were beat and we still had to go grocery shopping... uhg. At 6:30 we went to a small bbq get together with the Olsen's, Edwards, Jenks and Birch's. I am glad we went in our fatigue because we had a really nice time and had an easy excuse to leave as Liam's bed time is 8pm (and he shows it). We were desperate to go grocery shopping still though. So we kinda hoped Liam would wake again so we could transfer him to the car. He did. He was acting like he didn't feel good, so that was sad. I fed him, cuddled him and gave him some medicine. We loaded him up at 10:30pm to head to get groceries. I felt so bad for him as he zoned out the whole time we shopped. He was as exhausted as we were. I felt like I was sleep walking in the store.

We got him back in his crib by 11:30 (how sad is that). We took care of groceries and got to bed by midnight. Come morning we couldn't move and Liam was a grump. We are so sore. Thank goodness for a day of rest!


Tori :) said...

Sounds very productive! We are planning on starting a garden also-if we ever get around to it.

Nikkie said...

Sounds like a very productive weekend! I wish mine could be like that :)

Rachelle said...

What a productive weekend! We had one like that too - did lots of flowers and such!