Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sit, Liam, Sit. Good boy!

Yes, I know, you are asking it in your head and I really don't have an answer for you. "How can you stand having such a cute kid like that?" Well, folks, it takes a lot of energy and self control not to eat him up! I come close... each and every day... a CSI could prove there is plenty of my siliva all over him from kissing him so much, but I resist from "eating him up" and keep him in tact. (Oh those blue eyes just melt my heart!)

Liam is a such a well behaved boy. He is getting to be more predictable and that is a great trait for a baby. He'll wake around 7:30 every morning then be down for his morning nap by 9. While he sleeps, I am able to work in my home office (in bed with my laptop). And then when he wakes, he only needs a little cuddle and then he is content to sit (yes he sits so well now) in his crib and play with his toys (and talks to them too). I am able to get all my work done each morning. What a great age this 6 months is, eh?

Yes, this is a great age. So great that I feel like I am missing out on a bunch when I drop him off at the sitter and go to the corporate office for 5 hours. I found this comic awhile back and I didn't find it the least bit comical. I am so scared this is going to happen to me. And I sometimes wonder if it already has. I did miss his first giggle (see my VERY first post), BUT Ian called me at work the moment it happened so I could hear his second giggle. So it was okay.

Since Ian picks Liam up from the sitter, he is the one that gets the "report" if there is any. And I am always running late for work when I drop him off that I don't have time to get details of the previous day's events. So, I am sometimes wondering if I missed a FIRST. Maybe Shari is gracious like my friend, Katie, and doesn't say anything to wait and see if I say I noticed the NEW thing. Or maybe she assumes whatever new thing to her has already happened at home previously... I guess it doesn't matter. We get to enjoy whatever new thing when we are home with him, so that is okay too. I just don't want to miss anything that my little boy does... there is nothing wrong with that!


Robin said...

I know all about wanting to eat beautiful children up. I am glad you understand. He sure is beautiful and kissable. What a handsome little man. I want to squish him right now.

Katie said...

You know, Gina, even moms who never leave their kids with anyone sometimes miss "firsts". Who's to say my children didn't roll over for the first time while in their cribs while I wasn't looking, or took their first tenative steps while I was out of the room? What's important is seeing it the first time he does it for you---no matter when his "first" time was.

You are a good mom, doing the best you can for your family. Bad moms don't feel guilty.

And I think that this picture is just about the sweetest picture of your little boy EVER. I love that smile!

Rachelle said...

I ask my day care providers not to tell me about firsts. Then it's the first for me and I never know the difference. Don't feel so guilty. I know it's hard (Cam now cries whenever I leave him), but he is happy and well adjusted. I don't want to miss anything with my boy either. It's hard to be a working mom!

Kristen said...

Nope. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. My sister in law used to baby sit my kids, and now my mom does and I make them swear up and down that any "firsts" are to be kept secret so that I can feel like I'm the first one to see it when it does happen. They oblige. sometimes I think it would be worth it to be in the poor house just to be able to be home with them all the time and never miss a moment. :-)

Your Liam is for sure an absolutely handsome, beautiful baby boy! ;-)

Nikkie said...

I'm going to be shortly in the same boat. I also don't think that comic is very funny!

Liam is such a little cutie! You are doing a great job, never forget that!

It's okay, Sweetie said...

Working Mom, thanks so much for stopping by today. You're welcome to use the topic. I'm flattered!

I know how it feels to miss a few firsts. There will be many more throughout life. First day of school, first baseball game, first time mowing the lawn (what? it's never too early to start them on house chores, no?)

Happy Friday!

grandma -dixie said...

You know Gina you have a very wise friend Katie that writes on your blog. when you are feeling guilty just go back and read what wise wisdom she wrote you. You and Ian are doing great as first time parents,Liam's happy little face shows us that. we love you and miss you tons