Sunday, September 25, 2011

Friday Family Fun Night

Friday Ian took the day off. He picked Liam up from Kim's at 3pm so he could go to the Primary activity at 3:30pm. They practiced the Primary Program that had planned for Sunday.

When I got home from work, they were both there waiting for me.

It's rare we get a Friday night together.

Liam had called me on my way home to report he finally saved up enough money to buy another Beyblade! So we went to Wal-mart to pick out his new toy.

Then we went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner.

Then we went to a miniature golf course down the road in Sandy. We pulled up and it looked closed. So I jumped out of the car to go check it out. I went inside the club house and asked if the mini putt was open. They said it was functional, but no Boondocks! I said, "My 5 year old will love it no matter what!"

So we paid our $8 for the whole family and went on an adventure on a 20+ year old course that had never been updated. It was awesome reliving memories of my teenage years and going to similar dumpy places with my friends on the weekends. Even more awesome was seeing Liam have so much fun doing this mini sport for the first time. We went through the course once as a family and then while the parents put their feet up, Liam did the course one more time.

Simple pleasures!

It was a fun night!

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