Sunday, September 04, 2011

Antelope Island Stampede Festival and More

Self portrait

And to think the lazy side of me wanted to stay in bed yesterday morning. Left town at 8:20am, arrived to the island at 9:30am. The festival was nice, but that beach was just serene and worth any lack of sleep I thought I had that morning. We didn't leave the island until 4pm. And we really really want to go back!

Bonus note: As we were driving in, you could see the mountains' reflections on the Great Salt Lake. I said to Liam, "Isn't that reflection on the water beautiful?" He replied, "Yeah, those mountains get to look at 'theirselves' all day long!" I laughed a lot! Such a witty and clever lad I have.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful time ! Great pictures Gina. I want to go too. I love the pictures of Liam esp. the ones where his hat is not covering his face. Love his comment about the Mountains,he is so very clever it is fun to view the world again from a child's point of view. Thanks for sharing. Tell Liam we are very proud of him for climbing that rock wall, Grandma would be to scared. :)

D said...

Such joyful photos! Looks like a perfect day captured!

Clare said...

such gorgeous photos as always!! I love the hot air balloons, the festival looks like so much fun!

Photo Girl said...

I wish I could comment on individual photos. You do good work! Looks like a fun day.