Thursday, September 15, 2011

Conversation with a 5.75 year old

So Ian is working tonight, so I went to lay down in our bed after shutting the house down just after 8pm. Liam was still in his room after brushing his teeth. I called to him to just come to bed and sleep on Daddy's side. He started to get into bed, then I asked him to go back and turn his bedroom light off.

He said he didn't want to because he was afraid of it being that dark and if I could come with him. I asked why he was scared. He said it felt like something was there when it was that dark.

I told him that I felt that way when I was a kid too.

Liam: So when did you stop feeling that way?

Me: Ohhhhh, when I was about.... oh um... maybe about.... 18 or so?


Me: {Laughing too}

Liam: I thought you were going to say like.... 7.... or maybe 9.... {HEARTY BELLY LAUGHS}

This conversation went on -- because there had to be an explanation of why the age of 18 was a shift for me. I moved in with roommates - for some reason I wasn't scared of the dark anymore. Liam was so curious about me living with people that weren't Daddy. His perspective is that I've always lived with Daddy. I laughed because I've never thought of that before - his perspective on how WE came to be.

So Liam went on to ask, "So how did you find each other? Did you drive around calling out each other's names?" I laughed so hard on this idea!!!!

So I briefly explained the dating process and how I came to meet Daddy. Dated, dated, dated... how he eventually asked me to marry him, dated, dated, dated, how and where we got married, dated, dated, dated, bought our first house, dated, dated, dated, thought about having a baby, dated, dated, dated, baby in my belly for 9 months, dated, dated, dated, Liam came to live with us... and then we stopped dating so much and how happy we've been since then because we have a sweet little boy to keep us busy.


Katie said...

So sweet!

Jenelle Kilmer said...

I love the 'we stopped dating so much' its so true.