Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Family Night

Liam had a great day at school and daycare. Very proud of him for doing what is right.

When we got home, Dad had dinner all ready for us. We ate our yummy meatloaf then went to Sonic for ice cream on our way to the park. Liam and Dad did some batting practice and then Liam got his Spiderman kite out and started running all over the place to keep it up. It wasn't a windy evening... and he wished it was. It was good he got all that energy out though. Ian and I threw the baseball back and forth while we watched Liam dart all over the ball field with his funny kite flying skills.

We were there an hour and Liam didn't believe that when it was time to go home and hit he showers. It's funny lately he says to me pretty regularly, "Why does time have to go so fast when I'm having fun and so slow when I am bored?"

I sure wish time would stand still when I was having fun too!

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