Sunday, September 20, 2009

Wasatch Mountain and Mirror Lake Hwy

Friday night we went camping up at Wastach Mountain State Park again. It was a beautiful evening driving up the canyon and setting up camp. We enjoyed a nice campfire dinner of hot dogs and Polish sausages. For dessert, marshmallows.

Before saying goodnight Liam and Daddy did shadow puppets with the flashlight. Liam squirmed for (what seemed) a really long time in Daddy's big sleeping bag before getting a final snuggle and nodding off for the night.

Liam woke before we did and tried his best to entertain himself in the camper while we got a few more winks. Daddy let me laze in bed while he made a wonderful breakfast for all of us - breakfast burritos. Liam loved every bite.

We went over to Huber Grove and picked two bags full of apples. Liam decided he loved apples that day. Maybe it was because they were Liam-sized or maybe it was because they were hand-picked by his parents and as sweet as can be. We may never know why he suddenly loves apples, but he ate three that day.

After loading the apples in the car, we hit the road to Provo River Falls. It was a gorgeous misty day. The clouds were so billowy, the fall mountainside was turning color, the thunder was relaxing. Just a great day to be on a drive in the mountains. We definitely want to go back and camp at Mirror Lake and maybe hike Mount Baldy.

Provo River Falls - Nature made step formations

Here is a snippet of our drive. I had no idea there was a "time lapse" function on my camera until about 10 minutes ago when I uploaded my footage.


Robin said...

I am so jealous. I miss the beautiful Utah scenery and the changing of seasons. We went swimming Saturday. It is still summer here, no crisp air. Your little family is darling and we miss you guys.

RC - Rambling Along... said...

Love the shadow puppets and it sounds like so much fun! We need to take our guy camping.

Yvonne said...

What a fun camping trip. It looks absolutely gorgeous there. (Great job with the pictures--you always capture everything)

sumthinghappened said...

You guys are great parents! Wonderful photos!

Heidi said...

Where is that? I would love to go camping there. Sorry I missed your call. We are putting in new flooring and I had a crazy week last week. It's time to get all my continuing education for my license. I hope you are good.

Anissa said...

I'm so jealous of all the outdoor adventures you guys have. Someday... right?
What would be even better would be do those outdoor adventures WITH you guys. Sounds so much fun! And that river picture is gorgeous. WOW.