Monday, September 14, 2009

Rain Clouds

I picked Liam up from preschool today and he asked me why Heavenly Father was making it rain. I told him that He wanted our plants to grow because the plants are sooo thirsty. He went on to ask about my windshield wipers after that. We had a long conversation about those and how they wiped the window clear so I could see. He then told me he wished there were wipers on his window too.


Later when we were driving home from dinner with Daddy, we found a rainbow over by the big mountains. After celebrating seeing a rainbow, Liam noticed the clouds were extremely low.

He said, "Hey Dad, why is there smoke over there?"

We explained those were the clouds blanketing the mountains.

Then he said, "Are the clouds dying? They are falling down."

"No, Son, the clouds aren't dying. They are full of rain and the rain is so heavy. After they get all the rain out, they will go higher in the sky."


Clare said...

very, very cute!

Preds Girl said...

What a sweet conversation!