Sunday, September 27, 2009

Liam holding baby Tyler

Liam adores Joslyn's new baby brother, Tyler. He not only asks to go see Joslyn, but that he misses baby Ty. It's very sweet.

I took advantage of his adoration by helping him organize his toys a few weeks ago... asking him to find things that he is too big for and we could give to baby Ty. This strategy worked like a charm. He wanted to give almost everything to that cute baby! I had to tell him to keep a few things. We ended up with a big pile to give to charity. We gave a couple things to baby Ty. We dropped the rest of it off yesterday with no qualms from Liam.


Laura said...

AWWWWWW! He looks so big holding the little, tiny cutie.

Klin said...

Ty is so cute. Liam looks like a proud big boy holding that tiny baby.

Anissa said...

You're very diplomatic about the whole give away toy thing. I just finished doing the same thing but my kids got no voice in the matter. :)

"These toys are going to kids that don't have any toys."
"No, I no want to!"
"Too bad, they're going"