Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Monday when I picked Liam up from preschool, he saw a motorcycle.

"Mom, instead of scooter for my birthday, I want a motorcycle."

"Liam, I won't even let Daddy have a motorcycle, so I don't think you are getting one."


Liam was in a grumpy mood when we were on our way home yesterday. I had folded his papers into his backpack and ruined them - in his opinion. In his grouchy voice he said,

"Mom, I don't like this car. I want a Must-ting." (This child loves Mustangs and picks them out where ever we go.)

"I don't like this car either, but we can't buy a Mustang right now. It costs a lot of money."

"I want a grey and black one with white stripes on it."

"I like dark blue."

"No, Mom! (Whining now) I want black, grey and white!"

"So what color do you want the tires to be then?"

"Ummmm. They are going to have clouds on them."

"Okay - you'll have to tell Daddy all about that."


Klin said...

What did daddy say? I want a Mustang too! Liam has good taste in cars.

No motorcycles for sons. Too dangerous.

--Hey said...

What a cutie! You better watch out he'll be a teenager with a desire for speedy vehicles!! LOL! I think cloud tires would be perfect...

RC - Rambling Along... said...

I'll take a motorcycle, please. And I want to see these "cloudy tires."