Sunday, September 03, 2006

Git 'er Done** - Country Fair & Rodeo Report

This is our 3rd year going up to Idaho for the county fair and rodeo with our good friends (from Our Own Private Idaho). We drove up there Friday night and had a pretty smooth trip. Liam slept about half of the trip, so the rest of it I was hanging out in the back seat with him playing games and watching Baby Einstein. I think we finally got there around 10:30pm.

We were greeted with smiles and conversation. Liam played with the kid's electronic piano while we old folks chatted. It was so nice to see our good friends again!

Saturday, Josh made pancakes and eggs for us! After breakfast, I put Liam down for a nap and snuck in there after he dozed off to snooze too. When we woke, it was time to start getting around so we could hit the road to another town for errands and the fair.

We stopped at our friends' parents house and Katie and I took my car to make a quick stop at the grocery store (Liam was with us while the guys shot skeet and other kids stayed at the parents'). Well, we got to the store, got what we needed, checked out and THEN I realized I had put the keys in the diaper bag which I did not grab after locking the doors. Yeah, we were stranded (how embarrassing and timely). [Begin signs of nausea and headache now]. All the locksmiths in town were closed and the last guy I called took pity on me and said he would "be right there". While we waited, Katie was reassuring me that "it happens" and "it will be alright". She is such a patient and kind friend. I was so glad to have her support during this.

I clapped my hands in excitement when the locksmith arrived... He worked on my car (all 4 doors and managed to jimmy his way to the auto lock inside the car) for almost an hour with no luck! He called a fellow locksmith to get any added advice for this particular Land Rover model. No advice... that guy was referencing the same manual our guy had. DANDY! He said he was sorry, offered us a ride, wouldn't let me pay him and left.

We called to have Josh come pick us up. Josh brought Ian with him (yikes I knew he'd be upset). After explaining what all the locksmith did to no avail, Ian made the decision to break a window because Land Rover wouldn't be able to help us until Tuesday (it being a holiday weekend). While the guys were deciding which window to bust, a delightful stranger walked by and said, "... you guys locked out?" "Yep, we think so!" "Well I have never been locked out of a car! I live down the street. Let me go get my tools and I will be right back. I have NEVER been locked out of a car." "Okay! Thanks!"

After a few minutes, our new pro was back with his tools. He explained he worked in security for a couple companies and this trick was his specialty. He worked for about 20 minutes with NO LUCK! [My nausea and headache were getting worse.] Josh took one of the tools and worked on one side and the hero guy was on the other side doing the same work. After another 5 minutes or so, the kind stranger had SUCCESS! I couldn't believe it! I ran over to that stranger and hugged him and thanked him profusely! I was beside myself with joy!

We paid the hero 20 bucks and got back to the house to pick up the kids so we could at least make the rodeo. Ian calmed down and got me smiling and feeling a lot better! By the time we got to the fair, my headache was gone.

Josh and Katie had family sitting at the Rodeo, so we called them and asked them to call when the bull riding started. We all wanted to get some fair food before walking over to the rodeo, so it was nice to have an inside source watching out for us.

We got our oober-nutritious fair food after much shopping and deciding. We even picked up a little cowboy hat for Liam. Too cute!

We got great seats for the rodeo and Liam couldn't miss any of the action. He especially liked the barrel racing! He was bouncing and cheering with the crowd!

After the rodeo, we walked around the fair a bit more with Josh, Katie and the kiddos. We stopped so the kids could test out the parked police car. While they were playing, Katie took a couple family pictures of us. This is the best one... Liam all grins even at 11pm! A couple minutes later, I handed Liam to Alli for another picture. Alli was so tired, but never would pass up an opportunity to hold "baby Liam". She is a seasoned big sister and asked a few times if we could leave Liam in Idaho with her... as sweet as those requests were, I think she understood that Liam couldn't stay forever.

We got back to Josh and Katie's around midnight or so. We all slept really well that night... completely worn out from the day's events.

We woke Sunday morning to the savory smell of bacon! Once again Josh made us all breakfast! Our tradition when we visit is to have hash (potatoes, bacon, cheese and grease)! Josh does it best and we look forward to it each time we go to their house. It was awesome and stuck to our ribs until mid afternoon!

We went to church and attended Sacrament meeting then Josh's Gospel Doctrine class. I have to say this man has talent when it comes to interpreting scripture. He is teaching the Old Testament. And I have never heard the story of Jonah in the light Josh explained it. Amazing how he takes all aspects of the story to help the class understand Jonah's perspective, his followers' perspective and of course God's perspective. I learned so much even with a fidgety baby. When I had to take Liam out, I would crack the door because I didn't want to miss anything! Now that's a good teacher!

Our trip home was pretty smooth. Liam slept only half the time, but I was able to entertain him between naps. We did stop at a rest area so he could stretch his legs. He would pull the grass, look at his full hand and act so proud! Simple pleasures...

It was nice to get home and know that we didn't have to go to work on Monday. Ah, three day weekends are the best!

** "Git 'er done" was said many times over the intercom at the fair (a lady DJ of sorts). So while we walked around the fair grounds, this lady would announce different booths and attractions we should go see. After about every third announcement she would say Larry the Cable Guy's catch phrase in the most motherly non-redneck funny way. Katie and I would bust up laughing each time she came on, then impersonate her and laugh some more!

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Kim's Life said...

Ohh you poor thing. I have locked my keys in my car many times. Its a running joke in our family. Now I carry a spare in my hand bag. Im so glad you had a wonderful trip. Liam looks like he had fun.

Nettie said...

What a fun weekend! Except the locked keys thing (I've done that twice with one of my babies asleep inside. The police will come do it for free when that happens.)

I lOVE Liam's cowboy hat!

PoopyDigs said...

What happened to my comment!!! ARgh. Okay, this is the 3rd time I've tried to comment on your blog. Blogger hates me.

Sorry to hear about your lockout. I'm always fearful that we'll leave our keys in the trunk during one of our "emergency diaper changes".

Cute rodeo pics! That Liam is quite the cutie!

Mona said...

I am so in love with these pictures! I have to get a cowboy hat now.

Don't feel bad about getting locked out of your car. I was locked out of my car once and unfortunately, I had parked in front of an adult video store. So imagine how embarrassed I was when I had to give the locksmith my location.

Katie said...

We're so glad you came to see us! I totally forgot to give you your birthday gift while you were here, so watch the mail!

Git 'R Done!

utmommy said...

Locking keys in your car? No fun, I've done it.

The fair looks like fun. It's been a while since I've been to one. I love fairs, especially the food. Love the hat:)

D said...

I'm always afraid I will lock my keys in the car. I'm glad that you didn't have to break the window.

The Rodeo and fair sounds like a blast! Liam looks dashing in his cowboy hat. He's so happy! I love it! I'm glad you three had a good weekend away with good friends.

Now come and see us!

Busy Bee said...

I'm glad you had a fun time...yet whenever you are so close to me here in Idaho and I don't get to see you it makes me a little sad inside. Heavonly Father really came through with that hero for your car locks in the nick of time! He sure does have a way with making us panick sometimes. I'm glad it didn't taint your day and you were able to enjoy the fair. The rodeo is sure fun!

Juliet said...

I'm glad you were able to enjoy the weekend. Thank God for your hero. Getting locked out is certainly scary! Especially with a baby involved!

grandma -dixie said...

Glad you could get away for the weekend. Sorry to hear about the keys but it seemed to turn out well. Liam looks so dashing in his cowboy hat. Thank you for sharing the pictures and your experiences.

soleclaw said...

Yes, LOVE the hat! How'd you keep it on, super glue?

The Wooden Porch said...

I used to lock my keys in my car about once a week until I got that keyless entry put on my car. Then I got in the habit of locking with the remote control AFTER the door was shut. That worked great. But once I had to drive my husband's care (no keyless entry) and I locked the keys in the car. ARGH!