Monday, September 18, 2006

Baby Teeth?

These teeth look mammoth for my baby's mouth. Will he grow into them?

And who attacked my baby with stickers from the Target baby registry catalog?


The Wooden Porch said...

Those stickers are too funny! What a cutie.

and what a mess, too!

grandma -dixie said...

looks like a sneak peek into the fun and cute messes to come,now that he can get around faster. What a darling boy. His teeth look just fine to me. Does he let you brush them . So glad for the long night sleep, I'll bet that seemed so wonderful. Maybe if you can repeat the same things he will sleep for you again.

longdistancegrandma said...

It looks like he has 4 teeth with 2 fused together on each side on the uppers. Have your doctor or dentist look at them. I have to clients whose babies have fused baby teeth.
Do you remember that picture of you with body part stickers all over you?
Love you so much,

Kim's Life said...

LOL Oh I was laughing when i saw this. Really sweet.

Anonymous said...

Cute! My little Marky has a fixation with stickers too.