Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I haven't been motivated to journal lately. Last Monday Liam got excited about my camera and swiped at it and it fell to the floor and broke. Yep, my new camera, that early birthday present ended up dead only a week after my birthday. And it costs 100 bucks to fix. So once I get it to the repair shop it takes 5 weeks to get it back. And when will I have a chance to drop it at the repair shop? Who knows.

So I have taken back the old camera from Ian. I had let him use that as his fishing camera and the last time I checked, it smelled like fish. YUM! (and it's a 4.0 mp and my new camera is 7.1 mp)

Anyway, not a lot to report other than the fact that Liam has gotten more and more confident in his balance and walking skills. Somehow I have misplaced the "other" camera tonight and Liam has been going nuts walking. Great timing. He is even doing turns! Dang! I wanted to be documenting it... Ian was here and everything! We are so impressed with him and he seems impressed with himself too! He turns and walks to me, and when he reaches me, I get big hugs! This parenting thing gets sweeter and sweeter. I dread him getting older because I love him as a baby, but I am excited for him to talk to me, learn new things and for him to be more independent. I can see how women want a second baby now that my first is turning into a toddler. I am, however, not sold on the idea another baby (neither is Ian).


D said...

So sad! Sorry about the camera! I'm glad it can be fixed. I'm jealous though- we only have a 3.1 mp camera- it was a hand me down from my parents.

I miss you guys! So crazy that we are missing all of Liam's growing.

Sorry about the lack of sleep. Kaden seems to be back to sleeping in 4 hour blocks- he got me used to the other though so I wake up in a panic every 2 hours because he isn't waking up! It's time to move him into his own room.

Kim's Life said...

Sorry your camera broke. Thats the worst feeling. I get a bit unmotivated to write my blog. Some times it just seems to hard.

Juliet said...

Tha really sucks about your camera. The photos of Ian's growth are a big part of your blog, and I really enjoy seeing them.

I am glad he is making so much progress, though. The whole growing up this is so exciting!

You may want another child in a couple of years. It took us awhile to get to that point.

Kathleen Marie said...

You are in one those bittersweet stages when you see your baby turning into a toddler, than a little boy, not a toddler, then a pre-teen...I guess I am going to fast for you. Enjoy every second and find that camera! ;)

The Fat Husband said...

Oh you noticed that i was growing. I imagine that you ment my belly right? I know i am trying to get rid of all Gina's pregnancy weight. That's right I ate whenever she did and I gained just as much pregnancy wieght. I just dont have a baby nursing on me to burn all the calories gina does. Maybe someday I will get down to me prebaby weight. I long for that day.

Gina said...

Ian, you crack me up!

Poopydigs said...

hahaha, Al got chubby during my pregnancy as well. Of course, he went jogging for 2 minutes and lost it all, while I---one year later---still sport the mommy belly.

gina--thanks for all your lovely comments. I wrote a post about that thing that you were asking about. ;)

Sorry about the camera.

Nikkie said...

I'm sorry to hear about the Camera! I hope it doesn't take to long to get back, it took some really sweet shots!

Angel Baby said...

I TOTALLY know that feeling- when you just can hardly make yourself check your comments, let alone write a post.

It's okay to take a break- We'll be here in a week or two, I promise!

itybtyfrog said...

So sorry about the camera!!! If it makes you feel any better (which it probably won't) I am using a camera with 2.1 mega-pixels, but it doesn't smell like fish. I hope you are able to get yours fixed soon.

The Wooden Porch said...

Ian's funny. My husband did that too. :-) He finally got the pregnancy weight off from my FIRST pregnancy.

I'm sorry about the camera! My cat knocked against the ironing board and knocked my camera off too. $200 for repairs. ARGH! It was only worth $300 as a used camera. I feel your pain.

It's a lot of fun having another baby. You can enjoy toddlerhood and the new baby things. I hate my baby growing though. He's 7 months, and I miss that newborn stage. :-(