Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Zoo Trip with Dad

I went to a bridal shower on Saturday after Liam's swim lesson. Ian had planned on taking Liam to the aquarium while I was away, but when they got there the line was going around the building. They apparently marketed the new anaconda exhibit better than we thought.

So they trekked on to the Hogle Zoo instead. Ian said all the animals were out and about. A much funner experience than in the summer when all the animals are too hot to play outside.

Here are some of the photos that Daddy took.

Liam carrying around a bag of Cheetos in his hood - Daddy's clever idea.

Prowling tiger.

Melman got up close to say hi to Liam.

Marty (ie-Smarty) was there to Liam's delight!

My cute boys.

His father's son - picking the gorilla's nose.

What a big kid!


Sharon said...

hahaha I love the cheetos in the hood! That's SO cute!

Things' Mommy said...

What a fun daddy date! You guys keep so busy!! I'm very impressed with all your fun activities.

Clare said...

i love daddy days, looks like they had a blast!!

Suzanne said...

LOL at the bag of Cheetos and Liam picking the gorilla's nose! Gotta love boys! :D How fun that Ian and Liam got that special one-on-one time with each other. I think it's so important for Dads and kids to do that!

Anissa said...

I can't wait until it's warm enough to venture back to the zoo. The kids are sure to love it even more than the last time we went with you guys.
Looks like another fun day with Daddy and son. And it's great that Ian took so many pictures for you to post! Way to go Dad!

The Goddess said...

What is it with little kids and Cheetos. Him a Khalil are baby twins. Lol

Him picking the gorillas nose was TOO funny. The Zoo is always a fun time. It seems like boys enjoy it SO much more than girls.