Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Saturday with Liam

Liam continues his entertaining position in his swim group. Or maybe he's just trouble more than the entertainer. As distracting as he can be for the rest of the class, at least he's having fun for 45 minutes each Saturday morning. I caught some video from the balcony. On the first clip he sees me and goes under water to show off. Booger.

After his class he apparently had worked up an appetite and asked for a cheeseburger for lunch. So I took him to McDonald's. He ate the whole thing! Plus he got a spiderman toy! Sweet!

After that we went to a school with a clearing so we could fly his kite. He had a great time running around and then taking a break on the play equipment. We got tired of that and started flying the kite again and then he decided he was tuckered out and ready to go home.

I put him in his room with a movie and 5 minutes later he was out. I took a nap too. Very nice.

After naps, we went on a walk to Joslyn's house to feed her fish. It was such a pretty day, we didn't even have to have jackets on. When we got back to the house, he got out his tricycle and rode that for awhile.

We went grocery shopping as a family and Liam was so good! He was very helpful too! In the pasta/rice aisle, he saw some ramen packages had fallen on the floor. He asked if he could get off the cart to go pick them up. I said, "yes, thank you" and off he went. A stocker was working nearby and thanked Liam profusely for helping out like that. He was so impressed that Liam noticed some help was needed.

We all came home and ate a late dinner together. Then Daddy read Liam a book and he was off to bed. A great day!


the quirky one in the family said...

That does sound like a good day! I love the picture of him on the ladder at the playground, and I like his choice of bedtime books - we love the "How Do Dinosaurs..." series around our house as well!

Clare said...

cute, cute video!! what an awesome day for your family!! it looks like the weather was great!

Things' Mommy said...

You guys have so much fun! How do you ever get the boring stuff (like cleaning) done? It was really fun to chat this morning!!!

Anissa said...

What a fun day for Liam! You do so well making sure he has activities and stimulating things to do. He's a lucky boy. I loved the swin footage too. He is leaps and bounds ahead of my gang, thats for sure. I didn't see him making trouble at all, just happy and energetic.

Heidi said...

Sounds like a great day. I really need to put Sierra in swim lessons. She's not a dare-devil like Liam, but I think she'd enjoy it. Swimming, kite-flying, nap, daddy-time...sounds like he's one lucky little boy!

The Goddess said...

Awww, you guys had such a great day. You baby is going to be quite the little fish. He's so cute in the water. I cant imagine him doing anything BUT falling asleep immediately after that day. You know how swimming always leaves you starving and tired. Lol

Why does Khalil have those same jammas. His has a train on the front. I don't know what it is about the little striped pants. There getting too little but still look so dang cute on him.