Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Little Stingray

Liam's first swim lesson was on Saturday morning. He was trying to push us out the door all morning, he was so excited! His class didn't start until 10:30am so we finally left at 10am to get there a bit early.

Liam had a false sense of security as he jumped into the pool. He's been so used to wearing a life jacket each and every time he's been in contact with water. Thankfully there were only 4 total kids for his "Stingray" teacher, Alissa, to keep track of. 2 obedient ones, 1 entertainer and 1 wanderer. Liam was the entertainer. He had it in mind to splash, dunk and blow bubbles (from what we could see from the balcony).

We need to figure out some signs to communicate with Liam from the balcony. (When he looks up at us as if to say, "I should be in time out for that stunt!"). Such as, "Pay attention to your teacher!" and "Be careful." and "Stop that!"

Alissa seemed very patient and good at engaging all of them pretty well. She reported afterward that Liam is really brave and it's a good sign that he'll do well with swimming.

Kudos Liam!


Anissa said...

MUCH better than my kids first lesson, that's for sure! :) Sounds like he will be a little swimming fishy in no time.

Leatha said...

Wow! That's great! Maybe that teacher has some tricks for my dilemma - Jaya wants to learn how to swim so badly but she doesn't want to get her face wet. How does that work?
I love that Liam is a little entertainer. How fun for you that you have two entertainers in your house!

Heidi said...

Swim lessons, what good idea! When I was reading this blog I got a perfect mental picture of Liam entertaining everyone...he's the center of attention.