Saturday, February 07, 2009

Playhouse Disney and Go Carts

Sweet Tomatoes prior to the show.

Sleepy Liam taking a ride to EnerySolutions Center.

Enjoying the show with Handy Manny, Mickey and the Little Einsteins.

Pit stop at Boondocks Fun Center. Can you see Liam in the maze?

Whacking the mole... it was kid size and delayed so he could actually hit one or two of them.

Another session of air hockey with the Daddy. Too much fun!

Waiting in line for his first time on a go-kart.

Showing me his ticket and that he's ready to go!

Loading up.

Ready, set...


Daddy warming the tiny hands... it was cold out there.

Liam had a blast! Gosh he is lucky he has such a fun dad!


D said...

Looks like he's ready for Disneyland. You get in free on your b-day in 2009!

The Goddess said...

Looks like SOOOO much fun. I wanna go. He looks so cute in the Go Carts and like he was just having a blast.

the quirky one in the family said...

We just did Boondocks this past Saturday for the first time with our kids and they absolutely loved it! They had the same issue with the go-carts though - their hands froze from going so fast in the frigid air! I'll bet Liam had a ball - and it is a fun place for adults as well - especially when you are watching your little one have so much fun!

You guys sound like you had a blast - it was a big day for Liam!

K said...

Holy canoli, Gina! When did your baby turn into a little boy??? That first picture just breaks my heart because he's so beautiful.

Fun times for sure!

Clare said...

what a fun day!! it looks like a blast!

Anissa said...

I really like his haircut these days. He looks so handsome!