Monday, February 09, 2009

Jump On It and Jumping Jacks

Last week Liam got to enjoy two jumping arenas with his friends! Wednesday night I met up with an old friend from Indiana and her little ones, Sammie and Gabe. It was great to see her again and chat while the kids had fun.

We brought Ashley and Jacob with us and the three of them had a ball together as they usually do. We just don't see them as often anymore since Liam goes to day care instead of their house. They have always been good friends to him since he was a tiny baby.

Then Saturday afternoon we met up with Jayme and Dylan to play at Jumping Jacks. They had so much fun running around together. Liam is still talking about Dylan in his prayers at night as he thanks Heavenly Father for his friend.

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The Goddess said...

It looks like the had so much fun. But the picture of him falling on his back....that would have scared me to death.