Friday, February 20, 2009

Can't stop staring

I love this photo. His little profile is just so perfect and sweet. Can someone please stop him from growing up? It's going too fast.

In other news, the poor kid has some kind of respiratory infection. He's been sleeping like crazy, running high fevers, and not himself this week. Now he's on antibiotics, probiotics and IB profin to keep his fever at bay. He's been a champ at taking all the yucky medicines.


the quirky one in the family said...

Poor guy! RSV is going around a lot in Utah county this year - the Dr. said there are three times the number of cases this year as in previous years. In little - little ones it comes out as RSV, but in older ones (like Liam) is comes as a really intense cold - that might be what is holding him down.

I'm sure he will be up and running in no time - but sometimes it is almost nice when they are feeling sickly and they want to stay in bed and cuddle all the time!

Leatha said...

Poor Liam! Feel better soon.

Klin said...

Poor kid.

He is so cute and if I could stop time for you I would.

beth - total mom haircut said...

Hope he's feeling better soon. This winter is getting the best of all of us I think. He does look adorable in that photo.

The Goddess said...

Ok, I'm reading from the most recent so I already no that he's feel better. Yeay.

I feel the same way about Khalil. Sometimes I wish he could just be 3 forever.