Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Potty Training Lock Down Photos

So we have been literally locked in the house since Saturday the 17th with the potty training business. Liam did go with me to the pharmacy yesterday (20th) to pick up his allergy medicine. He pulled my leg saying he had to go pee on our 3 minute commute. Even though he emptied himself prior to leaving, I "ran" as I carried my 40 lb child to the back of the store to get him on the pot. He managed to squeeze two droplets into the nasty public toilet. So I had to ask him if he was seriously done. He was. So it was confirmed the last 10 minutes he was totally messing with me.

He is SO his father's son.

Anyway, here are a few shots of our locked in fun Saturday through Tuesday.

The stickers were a bigger hit than I thought they would be. "Wow, dinosaurs!" He was totally into the benchmarks and tracking his progress. The clever kid even asked for prizes early with a sly grin on his face.

Liam was mad that I vacuumed up some cat food without his help, so I had him mop for me instead. He was so pleased and mopped for a long time.

Boowa and Kwala are such a hit at our house. We played a lot of games together and read a lot of stories on that website over the three day stretch.

Car racing was actually the number one activity. Since he was awarded so many new race cars for the #2, he was putting each of them to the crash test and rarely took breaks.

Bunny came out to play on Monday. Liam was racing and chasing that thing around for an hour. That poor bunny kept laying flat on the floor to take breathers. He's not used to that much exercise.


Leatha said...

What a cute little guy in his big boy underwear! Well, if 40 lbs can qualify as little. ;) They grow so fast!
I just realized I have something to look forward to - taking a boy to urinate in a public toilet has got to be (slightly) more pleasant than taking a girl.
I bet Liam just loved being on lock down with his Mom! He looks like he is having a blast.
We need to try that website, it looks like something Jaya would love. Does Liam just use any mouse? We have a laptop with a touchpad, and until now it's been off-limits for her to touch. Marei wants to get a mouse she can use once in a while for "computer time."

RCRambling said...

Okay, I need to know what each item is on his chart. I'm guessing the two items are getting dressed and sleeping in his own bed?

With the sick little guy over here, we've used cars as a bribe (one is Tow Mater) to take medicine a couple of times. In good news, the cars have been a great source of distraction during having his temperature taken, drops put in his ears, etc...

Clare said...

you are doing such a great job! he is just so cute in the all of the photos!

Adamzes said...

What an undertaking. One that I am realizing neither of us are quite ready for yet. Good work! And good luck with the success of it all.
He's so cute, all boy!

Suzanne said...

Oh Gina, if you can survive potty training, you can survive anything! I don't know how I made it through unscathed because it was definitely the most trying part of motherhood for me. Good luck! At least the little guy's willing to mop for you, even if he pulls little potty pranks! :)

Momma Magpie said...

I love the pic with the bunny!

I'm training Noah too, though not full forced yet. Bella trained herself, it was wonderful! She was doing it all by herself on her 2nd birthday! But not Noah. Nope. Little Stinker.

The Goddes said...

LOL at you rushing him to the potty only for him to barely go. Better to be safe that sorry.

I hate public restrooms and apparently it has rubbed off on Khalil because he can NOT bring him self to go potty. My poor baby. Hoping he doesn't end up having bladder problems.

Love the dinosaur chart. Khalil loves dinosaurs so I may have to borrow that idea.

I SO love the picture of Liam mopping and the one of him and the Bunny. Too cute.

Nancy Face said...

You are a cool mom! I would totally do chores for holographic dinosaur stickers! :D

I LOVE seeing a man mop. Hope he keeps it up! ;)

Lynelle said...

Sounds like you had a fun time! LOL So is he set now? All done training. It took me about a month before I really felt comfortable about not asking Alexis all the time, and to trust her that she would tell me. Yeah, we tried candy at first, and sticker chart seemed plus candy seemed to reinforce things better.

Yvonne said...

You are such an amazing mom. (Sorry that you had to take him to a public toilet ; (

When my boys were potty training I was so grateful for hot wheels or matchbox cars. For Heidi, it was all about stickers and more stickers.