Saturday, January 17, 2009

Potty Training Day 1

Yes, our boy is 3 years and almost 3 months. I have never taken the time off work to dedicate to potty training. I just didn't want to gamble with something so many kids revert on. I was going to do it the week he turned 3.

I had planned on it all year long.

Then it dawned on me that this sort of thing (like the binky weaning) might be better practiced after the holiday excitement and disorder.

I think I was right.

Since last Monday, our darling son has prevented me from changing any dirty smelly diapers. He's gone #2 on the toilet every evening. It was on a whim that I grabbed him Monday night a few seconds after he went into "hiding" for his evening business. It was risky - as we thought he might have already started, but alas, luck was on our side. He was so proud of himself and we of him!

So every two times this has occurred, he's gotten a car. Tuesday night it was King, Thursday it was Darrell Cartrip and today it was Doc (The Hudson Hornet).

This morning was the official day of starting the training. We ate a high fiber breakfast, put on the underwear, then I got a trash bag and we found every diaper in the house. Liam did so well with this process. He even wanted to pitch the wipes and baby powder. We threw the whole bag out the front door and said a final good-bye to those diapers. I gave him a Spider Man treat for doing so well on this task.

Later in the morning, we were playing in his room. I got to the point where I was laying on the floor. Wouldn't you know it, my lack of a good night's sleep kicked in and I conked out. A bit later, I opened my eyes and asked where he was. He said he was in my sewing room cleaning up his pee pee. I ran to him and rushed him to the bathroom.

I blew my kid's chance of staying dry all day by falling asleep. Not a good start. I just cleaned him up and we started again. He was 100% dry the rest of the day!!! He always told me when he needed to go.

I'll have to report tomorrow how the night time goes. I have a thick pair of underwear on him and a barrier under him just in case he isn't successful. He went potty right before he went to sleep. Fingers crossed!


Tracey said...

Crossing all of my fingers for you! But if it's THAT easy to train him... I may have to stop reading you.


the quirky one in the family said...

Yea! Congrats on the great progress so far! He sounds like he is going to be really easy and well receptive to it ~ we'll keep our fingers crossed as well! That was a smart idea to collect all the diaper items and let him see that they are all gone - that way he knows there is no going back... you are one smart mommy!

D said...

awesome! Way to go Liam!

Liam's Mom said...

All ideas came from:

A great resource that my friend Anissa told me about.

Clare said...

i love the idea of throwing away all of the diapers. i am thinking that this summer when bradley is 2 1/2 we might give this a try. he just seems totally uninterested right now! good luck! C

DTanner said...

Good Luck!

Leatha said...

That is exciting! Go Liam!

Cheryl said...

Potty training has got to be one of the hardest parenting tasks. I think the older the child is, the easier they are to potty train. It's worth the wait in my book.
Good Luck. Liam is so smart, he will catch on fast.

The Goddess said...

Hooray!!!! Going to read about day 2.