Monday, January 19, 2009

Potty Training Day 2

Night 1 went as expected. I didn't set an alarm to wake him in the middle of the night, so he came in at 1:40am to ask for help getting dry jammies on. I praised him for waking up and letting me know he was wet. I sat him on the pot to make sure he was really empty. I made him all comfy again and put him back in bed. He was dry until he woke at 7am.

Day 2 started out rocky as I fell back asleep after 7am and wasn't reminding him constantly to let me know if he had to go. He was watching a movie which isn't the best thing while trying to focus on using the potty. Second strike for the mom who should have known better. Eagle eye is key in this little process. The rest of the day went fine with no accidents and two #2's so he got another car! Blue Ghostlight Ramone! Wow!

Last night I set my alarm for 1am, 3am and 6am. Each time I woke him and put him on the potty and nothing came of it. At 6:10 he came back in my room and said he had to go pee. He went 3 times within that hour on his own, me dragging myself to him a few seconds after. I am really proud of him. A lot of stickers have been put on the chart this morning and two prize benchmarks have been reached already!

Now the question is, how do we phase out the massive rewards? I'll be revising our chart for sure.


Things' Mommy said...

Bravo for you and Liam! Potty training is always a bit of a wild ride. You might try phasing out the really big rewards by stretching them out a bit. For instance, Girlie earned a Polly Pocket by keeping her undies dry for 10 nights. We made a gameboard looking thing with 10 spaces. She put a sticker on a space when she had a dry night, and then when the spaces were all full we took a trip to Target together. For smaller reward we used fruit snacks (as in, a single fruit snack, but I don't know where Liam's expectation is already set). With Riley, we used an 'event.' We just said, "You know, in Seattle, you'll probably just want to sit on the potty like a big boy. They just have big boy potties in Seattle." and (when we got here) he did it himself. No tangible rewards for the poor kid, now that I think of it...

Robin said...

Save yourself some long nights and stop setting the alarm. Liam is old enough to stay dry all night. I would just cut back on his fluids before bedtime and continue to make sure he goes right before he gets in bed. I haven't had to get up in the night with our 2 oldest for potty training. I also did stickers for each time they went in the potty and then a reward for the tenth sticker. Could be something like a small toy or a special candy they love. Keep it up. He'll catch on fast.

Little Hensley Fam said...

Potty training is sooo hard! I have to tell you though, I've read that some children don't have full bladder control at night until they are 7yrs. old. I'm just mentioning that because it might be easier in the beginning to focus on just the day time awake hours, and save yourself some sleep. Eventually Jonas and Maddie just stopped wetting in the pull ups (which we only used at night, and praised them when they had all the image on the pull up still there in the morning) and stopped using them at night all together. It was much easier to get the day time potty thing figured out. Good luck in whatever you decide!

Leatha said...

Thanks for posting about this little journey...I am thinking all this information may come in handy in a couple of years with Raja. Somehow I don't think he'll potty train quite the way Jaya did.
Since Marei is in charge of Jaya at night and in the morning, he decided he still wanted her in diapers at night.
I mostly agreed, because I figured, she will be in panties at night eventually. I did wonder if maybe we should put panties on her at night too, because I thought it might confuse her and cause accidents during the day, but it didn't seem to have that effect at all. She seems to have no problem switching. And she wakes up dry most of the time.
You should do whatever you think is best for you guys. I just know that losing so much sleep and working sucks. What Robin said sounds great - and if he has an evening drinking habit you don't want to bother breaking, the diaper at night is an option too.
If she is still in a diaper at night when we are back in the States, and I finally have my own washing machine again (sigh), I will put her in a Fuzzi-bunz to make the transition easier.

Clare said...

wow! it sounds like he is doing great! i'm not sure about phasing out the rewards yet. but just the teacher in me says you could have it take longer for him to get the reward. a few days of staying dry, etc. Xo, c