Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Potty Training Day 3

Day 3 Liam was clean and dry the whole day. Grandma and Grandpa sent him helium balloons as a big reward. He has played with those... well he hasn't stopped playing with them. A very fun surprise yesterday afternoon!

Per the comments on my previous post, I didn't set alarms to check him in the night. At 5am this morning he came to me soaked and needing help getting changed. I tried my best not be frustrated as he hadn't really had anything to drink a couple hours before bedtime. He even went potty right before bed. So this night time thing may take awhile for him to figure out. I just don't want to do the pull ups and confuse him. So I'll just keep him in the thicker underpants at night along with a pad underneath. It's important for him to feel he's wet. Hopefully all of this is very temporary.

By the way, I appreciate the advice not to set alarms and check on him. I slept so much better and feel so rested. Even him waking at 5am wasn't bad. He slept after that until almost 8am. Heaven.


Daisy said...

I love those nice thick training underwear. I got some of those with Cameryn when she was training. I agree with everyone else that the night time thing he'll have to figure out on his own. A few times I would do that with Cameryn, meaning wake up and go get her awake and on the potty but it was too exhausting to keep up. Now she pretty much sleeps through the night and wakes up to go potty if she needs to (which of course I have to wake up too and come with her). Of course she also wakes up sometimes for no reason but that's a whole other story.

Other than that, I'm glad that things are going good for you with the potty training.

D said...

He is doing awesome. I need to get some of that thick underwear. Sadly we are taking a day off of potty training today which may cause issues...but this week I could only handle cleaning up just so many bodily fluids and since Kaden caught a stomach bug...well I reached my limit. Tomorrow we will be back at it.

Leatha said...

Yay for Liam and yay for sleep!

I agree with you, I think it works better if they can feel that they are wet - less confusing I think. He'll be dry at night some day! The bladder control during the day is a huge accomplishment in and of itself.

What awesome grandparents!

The Goddess said...

Considering this is only day 3 he is doing so awesome. He's so smart so I'm sure it's just a matter of time where he's dry all the time.

I would probably stop giving him anything to drink maybe and hour or two before bed time. That should help with him staying dry all night. He was such a big boy coming and telling you guys that he was wet. YeaY Liam!!!!

I don't recall how we phased out the rewards when we potty trained Khalil. If it comes to me I'll let you know.

Shannon said...

Just out of curiosity, where did you get the thicker underpants? I love that you posted all of this, it's so helpful!!