Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Real Live 3 Year Old

Liam had an hour long melt down last night.

He was punching me and carrying on and on and on... I had to do the "hold" - you know, in my lap in the straight jacket position for awhile.

I'd let go to give him chances to calm, but he'd go for the punch again and again.

It was all my fault.

But it's so impossible to predict.

He was all primed to go to church nursery (where Joslyn and other friends were) so I could go to a class down the hall.

He would not stay in the nursery - he wanted me to stay with him.

So I told him there was no point in us being there if I couldn't go to my class... and then he insisted on going to my "big kid" class with me.

He sat still and quiet in the class on my lap for .09 seconds.

Then he wandered and disrupted.

I scooped him up, boisterous protest began and we left the building.

He wouldn't let me put him in the car seat.

So I took a risk and drove him the two blocks home unchained.

Then when he wouldn't stop screaming (and throwing punches), I left him in the car and went in the house without him.

No worky. More tears and demands.

We got in the house somehow... and upstairs somehow.

It went on and on.

After holds and trying to reason with him on why we left the church... I was able to get us out of the hallway and sitting on his bed.

He cried some more.

I think having his dad out of town the last two weeks must have taken it's toll on him... there were more reasons for this fit than one, I could tell.

I asked him if he needed hugs or kisses or for me to go away... he said no to all.

I don't know why it ever stopped or what distracted him, but I was glad to get his pj's on and be done with the noise for the night.

He actually stayed in his bed all night long. Completely wore himself out.

Maybe bedtime fits aren't so bad after all.


Tracey said...

Oh man, he's 3!!

You did what you had to do. They all go through fits and tantrums. Sometimes they get so riled up that they forget exactly WHAT they were upset about and just have that fear and confusion overload...

I used to sit on Justin's bed and quietly hum to myself with no eye contact until he would eventually come to ME. But heaven forbid I assumed he was ok before he really was, or else it would all start over again!!!

D said...

Kaden is totally headed that direction! He's had some mini tantrums that were pretty bad lately. He is so specific about what he wants and the way he wants it. Today we went to music class and he was having breakdown after breakdown for no reason. One second he was dancing around the room happily participating- the next he was curled in a ball on the floor crying. I think not being able to wrestle with his dad and just all the stress in the house has effected him too. You didn't do anything wrong or cause his tantrum- it's the age.. they are learning to deal with their world and still haven't figured it out. I still haven't either. I throw tantrums when I don't get enough sleep- which is, oh, all the time.

Clare said...

oh, that just sounds sooo hard!! i hope you are all recovering today and he is in a better mood. it is amazing, because we just don't know what is going to set them off sometimes!! it sounds like you really hung in there:)

Katie said...

You really are my hero. What a great mom! Even though it can be frustrating!

MK said...

Oh,wow! I am exhausted just reading about it. Those events make you want to cry with them. I hope you are took the opportunity to "eat bon-bons" and veg out after dealing with that struggle!

Things' Mommy said...

Oh, I feel for you. Luckily, though, it DOES end. Hang in there. You're a great mom.

Aly said...

I don't know why it makes me feel so good to read that others go through the same things I do. I've got two in the tantrum stage and it can be so hard!! It sounds like you handle it well. I often just want to start crying myself too.

Leatha said...

You handle it so well. It is so not your fault and it is impossible to predict. I hope you also got a full night of rest!

Yvonne said...

Days like that are so tough.

Hugs and I hope you got a good night's rest.

RCRambling said...

He is definitely acting out his missing of his daddy. Oh my!

I think you did everything you could - especially since you are playing the role of single parent for a little bit, and I know how Little Dude's temper can explode (and he isn't two, yet!), so I can sympathize.

Jody (milehighmommy) said...

Uugh!! I thought we got over that stuff last year - you know, the Terrible Twos?! So 3 year olds still do that kinda stuff? Luckily, I haven't seen a tantrum of that magnitude for quite a few months, but I'm sure I'm jinxing myself.

Sounds like you did a great job of holding your ground - I know that can be hard to do in those chaotic tantrum moments.

Hang in there!

Daisy said...

Welcome to the wonderful age of three!!! You did a good job though in my opinion. The only thing I could do with Cameryn was stick her in her room and let her scream it out and calm down. It can take a long time too so don't worry, you're not alone!! The 3's are hard but then there are also those really great moments too so just look for those.

Momma Magpie said...

For Bella the tantrums stopped right around her 3rd birthday. I read that 3 year olds are aware of how their emotions effect others and they are more interested in acceptance and praise for good behavior than they were at 2. So maybe Liam will be moving into that stage soon too. I also read that some kiddos, especially boys, may be 4 before they reach that stage.

As I approached the last bits of the post I was thinking, "Oh, I bet Liam slept so good that night." And then you said it! Don't we all sleep so deeply after a good cry?

The Goddess said...

Poor baby. Actually I guess I should say poor mommy because I know how exhausting those meltdowns can be for US parents. I'm glad the night ended well.