Thursday, November 06, 2008

Finding Snow Part II

Tuesday night we took Joslyn so her parents could go stand in line to vote. Ian had suggested we go up the mountain again to find snow (Ian heard it had reached a little lower on the benches since our last trek on Sunday).

We took Joslyn along and were so happy to have her cuteness with us! She and Liam played in the snow like champs and didn't want to leave after the cold had set into their tiny fingers.

We stopped and got them a treat then drove Joslyn home. The kids were so funny in the back seat. They were talking jibberish back and forth, then laughing at themselves... true laughter turned into fake laughter that turned into real laughter again. They were darling!


RCRambling said...

They are so cute together. But I notice their blankets (blue and pink) are co-mingling in the last picture. I think that is a formal courtship/engagement in some cultures. ;-)

Katie said...

I like the mini-snowman. What a great family!

Yvonne said...

The pictures are so cute--that last one PRICELESS.

D said...

What fun! We are going to have to go find snow this year. Yes, it does snow here- it just stays in the mountains. Those mountains just don't happen to be as close as we would like.

The Goddess said...

Ok, that last picture of them holding hands is priceless. They'll grow up, get married and be the couple that says "we were each others first love. we used to play together when we were 3." lol.

Love the mini snow man.