Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Liam's Favorite Games

I thought I would share some of Liam's favorite online games. A visual for the grandparents, if you will, for how bright this kiddo is! I didn't realize a few of these are for age 4+...

http://uptoten.com/ is so great!

Help the Bee Make Honey

Buck-tooth Beaver Puzzle

A Spotty Puzzle

Boowa's Shell Sorting

Famous Finger Puppet Maze

He's gotten the hang of starfall.com too! I like to watch him click on the letters and say the letter's sound.

Alphabet Fun


Saedi Oldham said...

He is so stinking smart! Can he come over an tutor my boys? Thanks for the websites too, I will for sure be trying them out!

Daisy said...

Thanks for these links. Cameryn likes to do computer stuff too but only wants to do the ones on the Disney kids page. I'll try these ones with her.