Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Catch up - No Photos :(

July 2nd, we went to see a patriotic production of "We The People" and it was just wonderful! It was only a 45 minute musical and Liam loved it. It was neat to have that kick off our holiday weekend and remember the principles this nation were founded upon. My friend Claire was involved with making all the ornate costumes and I was very impressed with the music, voices and appearance of the play.

July 3rd, I ran straight home after work to pack Liam a little dinner so we could go right to the pool. We met Kara and Joslyn there a little after 5:30. Liam graduated from me catching him in the deep end, to just jumping by himself and letting his life jacket bring him back to the surface. I was so proud of him for going under water each and every time he jumped on his own. Joslyn was getting cold so they left around 7 and Liam played until 8 when they closed. We came home and Liam took his outdoor bath then went to bed.

July 4th, we were very tired and lazy that day. We left for our favorite breakfast restaurant at 10 and were out of there by 11 to run some errands. We went to the mall to find Liam some shoes, but we had no luck. He did get a new outfit though. Ian picked out a Hawaiian type shirt with matching plaid shorts. We went home for naps and all three of us slept. We ran a few more errands and came back home. Drew and Ian went to pick up some fireworks and Liam and I went to visit Rose for a little bit. The fireworks were fun and Liam was in the outdoor tub for half of it. Our neighbors across the street we lighting theirs at the same time, so we had a pretty good show going.

July 5th, Drew and Ian got the boat out on the lake and we met up with them an hour later at 9:30am. We hung out on the boat for awhile and it was so beautiful out there! Liam loved the ride and trying out "fishing poling" again with Dad. He was actually pretty patient this time, but they didn't catch anything. We cruised along and Liam would see a boat or a cluster of birds floating on the water. He'd point and say "trash 'em" real loud... meaning crash into them! We'd veer towards the birds and watch them all fly off. Liam was tickled with that. Though he still asked for us to crash into other boats which was a no go.

We played on the beach for a little bit then went home for lunch and showers. Daddy buzzed Liam's hair off before they both took a shower. When he saw himself in the mirror and we asked him what happened to his hair... He said, "Daddy took it!"

We three slept the afternoon away. I didn't get Liam to the pool until 5pm (I had promised I'd take him) and they closed at 6pm. So we had an hour of fun. He was so cute going on the jr. slide all by himself over and over again. Another milestone in the water was he'd put his face under the shallow water over and over. Making progress...

We came home for dinner and an outdoor bath.

July 6th, Liam did well in Nursery and I was able to enjoy my classes. Joslyn was in Nursery so it was easy for him to say good-bye to me... and stay occupied with her. They told me afterwards that they both insisted on sitting next to each other during singing time and the lesson. Such good friends.

We came home and ate lunch, but Liam had a hard time going down for a nap. Eventually we all were able to sleep for a couple hours and it was so so so nice! Liam ended up in our bed though... and when Ian got up, Liam thought it was time for him to get up too. A few minutes later he came back to sleep with me and he slept for another hour... So we ended up staying up pretty late with him that night. He actually asked to have his bath in the bathroom because a storm was rolling in and the blowing trees were upsetting him.

July 7th, Liam was fortunate enough to go visit Saedi and her 3 darling boys. I hadn't found a sitter for Liam for Monday because I forgot all about Megan being at girls camp this week. I had Tues-Friday covered long ago, but not Monday. So I called Saedi late Saturday night to ask this favor and she was delighted to take him for 8 hours first thing Monday. Liam had so much fun that he didn't take a nap and stayed happy the whole day with those cute friends. He did turn sour when he got home, but luckily he had a package from his Grandma waiting so that occupied him until bath time. After the bath we watched Baby MacDonald and he fell asleep shortly after that right at 8pm. YAY!

My camera battery was dead all weekend and I was just lazy enough the whole time that I constantly forgot to get it charged. Hopefully the next post will have photos.


Leatha said...

What a nice weekend...family time plus naps/extra sleep is the best combination. I'm so impressed with Liam's willingness to go underwater and have his face under.

Katie said...

Wow - busy, busy people.

Terry said...

You are sure a goer, Gina. Sounds like so much fun... Liam sounds like such a little boy with the "trash em" thing. So cute.

Klin said...

I missed the neighborhood fireworks. I really enjoy them each year. I hope our new neighbors will do them.

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Me, too. We broke tradition to support the girls and they even missed getting up at 4 AM to eat to save our parade seating and eating at McDonanlds. It's the only day all year that I'll eat there.

Klin said...

Did you know that no photos is a felony on Lauren's blog and you can't even be s=cited for it on my blog? Yep. It's true;)

utmommy said...

Sounds like fun, but busy times over your way.

How lucky that you get all those wonderful naps in. I want a nap!

Saedi Oldham said...

Hooray! He fell asleep at a good time for you! I was scared that I had ruined him for you by skipping that nap! We had so much fun with Liam and I hope that if you ever need a backup in the future that I am first on your list!!!

By the way, I have a picture of all the boys at the store that I will post for you, when I get a minute tomorrow! Love ya!

Daisy said...

He is so brave in the water which is great for you guys too. I love that he wanted to crash into other boats... so cute!!

Glad you had such a busy and fun holiday weekend!!

Nancy Face said...

I loved shooting off fireworks as a kid in Texas! Now I live in Arizona, where fireworks are ILLEGAL except when done at shows! :(