Thursday, April 17, 2008

Change of Pace

Liam's had an interesting week.

Saturday morning we put the chickens outside in their coop. Liam got a "free pass" to roam free in the coop with them (as it was still virtually poop free in there). Here he is "roosting." The chicks have yet to actually roost on that bar.

Sunday was our third Sunday in a row where Liam has lost his mind. He had a couple big fits at home and even got kicked out of nursery at church. It was a sad day, but another day where I understand so fully why there are two parents and not one. My husband gritted his teeth and really worked with Liam to calm him down. He took him outside to eat lunch and after Liam's nap, he got him prepped to paint the chicken coop.

A kid can't be happier being outside and "helping" his parents, namely Daddy.

Towards the evening, Kara and Joslyn came to visit us. Kara had ridden her bike and carried Joslyn in a cool caddy behind her. Liam was very interested in trying it out. So the two cuties went on a ride and squealed and laughed. It was so cute! They are such good friends to each other.

Since his regular sitter is on vacation this week, we've had other friends taking care of him. Friday and Monday he was with Michelle and her two boys, Braydon and Ammon. Liam loves these kiddos and gets along with them very well. When he's not with Ammon, he's asking about him.

Tuesday Rose had Liam and he had his usual great day with her.

Wednesday Michelle was ill, so Kara took him for the afternoon. Liam and Joslyn (almost 2) got a long well, as usual, and he had no problems taking a nap there either.

Wednesday night we went over to my friend Saedi's house to play. Liam just couldn't get enough of Mason and Ethan. Mason took a special liking to Liam, so much so that he was conspiring to keep him there for a sleep over. It didn't work out in his favor, but we'll go back and play at their fun house really soon! Thanks, Mason for taking such good care of Liam! You are a good friend!

Liam, Mason, Aiden and Ethan

Tomorrow we are off to Boise to see Aunt Heidi and Grandma BJ... and little Seirra too!

What a fun week it's been for Liam and we'll have a full report of the long family weekend too.


Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip, Gina! Hope you have a nice visit and give your sister a hug for me, too (she may not get as freaked out about a hug from a stranger if it comes through her sister).

Klin said...

Kicked out of nursery! Of all things.

You'll have to let them know if they are going to "coop" him up it needs to be in a real chicken coop, outside.

Those are cute pictures. He's well loved. Serves him right- for being so cute.

Have a safe trip.

Suzanne said...

Sundays are rough, aren't they? I keep waiting for my kids to behave at church and sadly it hasn't happened yet!

Have a good time on your trip. I hope everything is going o.k. for your sister. Let us know how your weekend goes!

utmommy said...

Sounds like a crazy week.

Poor little Liam getting kicked out of nursery. Church is tuff. Like Suzanne, I keep waiting for my boys to behave. Hasn't happened. Hopefully it will soon.

We should all go to Saedi's one night and play. It'd be a blast!

Robin said...

There's that handsome little helper! Love seeing him in action. Hope you have a great weekend. Love you.

Preds Girl said...

He looks so cute in that coop. LOL.

I hope you have fun with your sis. Hope all is well with her. ;-)

Where did you get your blog background? It is so cute! I love the shade of blue. (Oh, and where did Heidi get her blog background?)

MileHighMommy said...

Nothing like a little painting to put a 2-year-old 'tude back in check!

I think it's really cool that you guys have a chicken coop...what a great experience for Liam!

Terry said...

Every time you mention your chickens I smile. I can't believe you have chickens. :) You are so good to do that for Liam. Me, the last thing I want is more animals to care for.

I know what its like to have a toddler who is a handful at Church. I spent a year and a half in the hallway during Sacrament Meeting. Wow, Liam was kicked out of nursery... I am the only nursery worker in my ward and it gets hard sometimes.... I have thought about having a particularly difficult three and a half year old removed from nursery a time or two but I haven't had the nerve to do it. He likes Nursery and he wants to be there, but he gets so angry. I wonder if I remove him just once if he will learn that he needs to be nice if he wants to stay in Nursery. (He actually belongs in Sunbeams anyway).

Saedi Oldham said...

Hey cutie! I sure am glad you took a picture that night, cuz I totally forgot! We had such a blast with you and Liam. Mason keeps asking me when we're going to "Liam's House" to see the chickens. Well for sure try to come soon, but Mason and Ethan are just getting over Strep throat, so I'm sure you'd rather we wait just a bit longer. Love ya!